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Non-resident hunting license?

Old 11-03-2009, 05:53 PM
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Default Non-resident hunting license?

I've been doing some thinking about this and would like to hear some other opinions on the subject. I believe that every state has the same requirements for purchasing a state hunting license (hunters safety course, ect.). I think that a valid hunting license in Alabama should be a valid license in every other state and vice versa. I understand having to purchase out of state game tags and such, but I don't think it's right to charge for an out of state hunting license, when you already have a valid hunting license.
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And in a perfect world...
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It's hard to say, I just wish every state had the same or at least very similar online system.

Some states have a ton of instaters, whereas others do not, and therefore some states cater to out of staters or vice versa, least moreso than others...

some states you need a license, tag, stamp, bow license, etc...

I wish they'd just make it, license and a tag, charge whatever the state needs, just make it more uniform...

oh well I make do.
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Old 11-03-2009, 07:06 PM
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I have to agree and disagree with you on this. Ive hunted a lot more out of state than I have in state in Illinois so Ive paid a lot more for my hunting licenses being out of state. I personally don't think both in state and out of state tags should be the same price, but I do think there should be a limit.

Illinois has a great deer herd and one of the reasons I think it is that way is because some people choose not to come to Illinois because of the tag prices. I think it helps keep the bucks as great as they are here. If they charged the same for everyone than it would be tough for some of the in state people to get licenses for there home state. We pay out taxes to Illinois, we keep up with all the BS that Blago put this state through, we should have a lot cheaper tag than people who come in 3 days a year for shotgun season or Archery season.

I paid $160 for my license in Wisconsin a few years back and I really don't think that is crazy. I recieved both an eithersex and a doe tag. Then any additional doe tag was $20. Im not going to complain about that. Sure I wouldn't mind it to be closer to $100 but if they did that the state wouldn't be making as much money. If they cut prices too much an already depleted DNR would be hurting more.

I do have a problem with Michigan charging $140 for a doe tag when 4 years ago I paid $70. Come on, a doe tag. As an out of stater I wouldn't mnd paying $50 for a doe tag and $100 for a buck, but man, there has to be some limit.

I won't even go for what I paid to hunt out west, they do need to lower that.

If they charged the same for everyone, we'd have people flocking to the good deer states and leaving the ones that are overpopulated with does and only have small bucks. I like how they do it now, but I do think that some of the states have tags that are way too expensive.
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Old 11-03-2009, 07:10 PM
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Saluki, Great point. At least have states grouped together. Id like to walk into Bass Pro and be able to pick up a Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois (Left over for gun), Indiana, Ohio, etc. I don't expect someone like Illinois to have a Florida tag, but at least the neighboring states that don't have a draw system.
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How about a state charging you the same amount for a tag that your state charges for a non res tag??
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For a few years Alabama, Georgia and Florida had a reciprocal agreement among game/fish licenses prices, but I don't think they still do it.
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I don't see any state ever charging the same for a resident tag and a non-resident tag, or anything even close for that matter. Fastetti makes a good point, the residents pay taxes all year, and therefore our license should be $24, and non-resident license should be more like $160. Out of state hunting is expensive no matter where you go, and I don't think $160 is too much, especially considering some nearby states charge over $500. Heck, a Missouri non-resident spring turkey permit is something like $170 if I remember right. I agree the system of tags, licenses, permits, stamps, etc should be unified, or at least explicitly described by the governing body of each state. Figuring out which tags, permits, stamps, etc you need can be as hard as applying to college!
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and they keep on raising...

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fastetti wrote "I won't even go for what I paid to hunt out west, they do need to lower that."

after living in idaho for 7 years i think the reason that they charge so much for out of state tags/license is because the low number of residents in the state compared to the amount of state owned land that DNR has to keep up with. it has to cost millions of dollars a year to patrol and manage all that country. also speaking from my own personal experiance i can not stand all of the "city slickers" that flood the hills during the general seasons and drive around shooting at everything that moves(including me a few times) there is nothing more frustrating than scouting a area for months on end just to have some A-hole ride his ATV thru it (off the designated trails) on opening morning and scare all the animals within a few miles out of the area. thats just my 2 cents.
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