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baiting response

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I really don't care one way or the other whether baiting is legal or not. But I do think that laws should be consistent. I see no difference morally or ethically in sitting in a shooting house over a corn feeder and sitting in a shooting house over a green patch. In both instances you are sitting over bait that was artificially placed in a specific location by Man for the specific purpose of luring game animals into range of a weapon so it can be killed. So why is one legal and the other not?
There are people here in Alabama who consider you pond scum if you support the legalization of baiting animals like deer. But then those same people will get on a plane; fly to Canada; and shoot a bear at a bait station. Or go out to Wyoming and sit in a blind at the edge of the only water hole for 30 square miles waiting to shoot an antelope whose thirst has finally overcome his fear of the blind he can see by the water hole. What's the ethical difference?
Some people try to claim that baiting should be illegal because it spreads disease. Well first of all it's only illegal to hunt over bait in most places. You can feed deer all the corn or protein pellets that you want to. You can dump 120 metric tons out if you want. You just can't sit over it with a gun or bow. If disease is the concern then why isn't it illegal to feed game animals period? Can disease only be transmitted from deer to deer if there is a hunter nearby with a gun? Of course not. Another stupid inconsistency in the laws.
Furthermore I have always believed and continue to believe that the disease threat is vastly overstated. If it posed the threat some would have you believe there wouldn't be an animal that eats corn left alive in the whole state of Texas. Deer also feed in crop fields in many states where the food source is almost as concentrated as it is under a feeder. Those states still have deer. What about things like white oak trees dropping acorns. You know how many deer sniff around under the same productive oak tree in a weeks time? Just as many as you will see at a feeder. I also hate to go all birds and bees on you guys but deer do far more intimate things with each other than sniffing and licking the same patch of ground. LOL! You are not going to limit multiple deer coming into contact with each other by banning corn feeders.
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If you say baiting is wrong, then you should never shoot a deer that is munching on grass! rediculous!! Thats like people saying crossbows arent archery! if you dont think its archery than you shouldnt hunt with anything but a stick, string, wooden arrow, and a rock for a broadhead! Bickering amongst hunters is undoubtly one of the sports greatest threats, if it is a legal method for the area in which you hunt, then get after it!!! I dont believe in high fences, but I wont condemn someone if thats thier cherry pie! Hunt the way you want to hunt!
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