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Homemade Stands

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Originally Posted by Coleridge
I actually built the tower part for a box I had made as a ground-blind from scrap lumber a few years ago. It was just shy of being 4"x6". I had ~$170 in the tower part. Used 16" 4x4"s with ripped 2x6"s for the braces (saved a little money & meet load requirements). After I got the base built, I realized there would be no way short of heavy equipment I"d be able to stand it; with the box bolted to it.
I then decided to build a new box in pieces, similar to a modular home. The front, sides, back (including full sized door), and top were all built separate, framed similar to what you would your house, and veneered.
I borrowed two buddies (you "could" get by with one) one Sat. We stood the base with a 4-wheeler & rope. Two of us were able to pick up the base & move it back into the limbs slightly. I attached the ladder & climbed up top. One guy through pre-cut 2X6"s & I screwed them down (made the floor). Then two of us got on top & pulled the front up with a rope. We screwed it to the floor. Then pulled up the two sides & screwed them to the box front (so the side-backs would "wing"). Pulled the top up next & balanced it on the front & sides (out of the way). Then we pulled up the back (by far the heaviest but manageable). Screwed the sides to the back. Squared everything & screwed each to the floor. The roof was built as a reverse cap. It slipped inside the squared box & the lip was screwed to the frames (from the inside). Then we screwed everything OVERBORE!
I have just less of $400 in the whole thing. That"s counting screws (used over 3lb), siding nails, hinges, roofing material, and all the treated lumber & siding (only thing I had laying around was stuff short enough for ladder rungs). It took me several 2-3hr sessions off & on to build everything. Now I"ve done it & worked out the kinks, it would go much faster. It also took us about 2.5 hours (with breaks) to stand & assemble.
The only problem I ran into was the BIG base. The bottom is close to 12"X10" (not to mention nearly 16" tall). I had to borrow a fairly large trailer to transport it. Then had to be careful around telephone/power lines once it was on the trailer (laid flat of course).
I built everything at my house using a table saw, drill, & skill saw. The only tools used in the field were cordless drills (bring plenty of batteries), a hammer (persuading tool), and 2 - 25" pieces of good rope.
The 4X6 box is big enough for two adults. We hunted once with a friend, my son & me; it got a little tight. I built mine 6.5" tall in the front. I would recommend that for standing & stretching. It really helps packing a ML also.
If you want to build something similar I can go into more detail & better pics. PM me & I"ll be glad to help.
I think everyone should have something like this. It"s great for taking someone your introducing to hunting. The box helps conceal movement & sound from those that CAN"T sit still. It supplies a good rest for nervous 1st time shooters & you are right beside them coaching the whole way. Plus I was able to keep my son warm on the coldest of days when otherwise I wouldn"t have wanted to take him.
Don"t get me wrong, this is the only stand I have like this. I hunt lots of lock-on"s, ladders, and hop around mostly with my climber. But on days I"ve got a shadow" This can"t be beat.
Sounds like a good process. What the heck does "&amp" mean???????????? I can't for the life of me figure it out and have never seen it used before.
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& means and. Everywhere you see & just say and.... I may be WAY off here but it worked for me.... It took me a long time to figure that out too! hahahaha
I was thinking "& ample man power" but i just couldn't make that work! hahahah
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