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sweaty shivers

Old 11-13-2002, 08:43 PM
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Default sweaty shivers

Hey have any of yas ever got all sweated up walking back to your stand then get the shivers after sitting for a bit? well i want to know if any one knows if those long johns they have out now that take the sweat away from your body, do they realy work?
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Old 11-14-2002, 03:27 AM
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Default RE: sweaty shivers

I wear a layer of of the new synthetics under a pair of Cabelsa dryplus outers. I start with a mesh boxer short by wickers, from there I go to a lycra stretch cross training style tights these are mainly for the slick finish as I have alot of body hair and that destroys fleecs quickly (to much invested to do very often). On top of that I wear a Patagonia fleece then the outers. On top my 1st layer is the cabelas thermastat zip collar shirt that has the extended cuff that goes over the thumb then the fleece pull over top. If I am going into a place where I know I have to do some vertical to get to, I will put the fleece top and a 2nd thermastat shirt in the pack and change/add once to my spot. I also carry balaclavas in 2 weights with the heavy being the NordicGear fleece. Once I get set into dry clothes (after the cooldown) I will bundle up and settle in for the solar wind that brings that chill every morning about 8:30. The cool down is important, I have been known to stand for 15 minutes with most of my gear off or at least down to get the moisture away from the body and out of the garments as fast as possible. Once you re-dress it takes only a few minutes to warm back up to comfort level. Do they work....YES, but they work together with the other items that you are wearing. Dont expect to put on a pair of fleece over your cotton (anything) and be dry. The same goes for your feet, cool max liners and a good thermastat or fleece oversock.

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Default RE: sweaty shivers

Rod makes some good points and gives some good tips. Dress in layers and add the heavier ones once you get to your stand or blind. I will quite often put on my base layer and pack my shirt and jacket it to add once at my stand site...it seems to work pretty good.

I work as a rafting guide during the spring and fall and finding stuff to keep you warm while wet is essential. Some things I have learned:

- Cotton is not a great fabric for stenuous outside activity. Once wet...it's done. You will be warmer with exposed skin than with wet cotton...trust me.

- If buying synthetic under garments and fleece, buy the highest quality you can afford.

I have used Patagonia 'capilene' fleece and underwear for years now and highly recommend them. They are a bit pricey, but they will last a long, long time. I have some silk-weight undershirts that I have used for more than 7 years and they are still as good as new. Also, with Patagonia garments, if you ever have a problem with them...they will replace them, no questions asked. I had a mid-weight zip-neck fleece that the zipper broke (after 5 years of service) and they sent me a brand new one.

So, to answer your question...yes, they do work. Be warned though that some of the cheap ones will not last long. Another word of advice. If you purchase the polypropelene underwear, do not dry it in the dryer on very high heat or it will shrink up to a dog sweater....I have learned this the hard way also.

Good luck and stay warm!

Pat in WV
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Default RE: sweaty shivers

Thanks to ya both the rifle season is almost here it starts on monday.
thanks again
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Default RE: sweaty shivers


I hear yeah, I am a sweat hog on the way to my sitting spots and my average walk is about 1/2 mile one way. The temperatures up in frost land can be in 20 below zero C, so fairly crisp. Here is what i do;

Polypropelene long johns and shirt set (Helly Hansen-med density)
Polypropelene socks and a pair of good woolies over top
Fleece pants and outer outfit fleece pant(we have to wear colours during gun)
Wool sweater
Fleece mock
Thinsulate jacket (thin and light) when warranted
Outer Jacket - Fleece (colours)
Pair of Gortex 800-1000 Gram thin. boots
Cotton Gloves(spare pairs to replace when wet)
Wool or fleece finger mitts with the hand flaps
Set of hand warmers to tuck in the mitten
Food (PBJ snadies, Cereal Bars, etc.)
Water (Don't drink things with caffine(pop, reg. coffee or tea) they make you void, which deregulates your body temp.)

Other things i do:
Shower in the morning, eat oatmeal and drink OJ. I place anti. on my knee joints, feet and underarms. Then i get dressed, in the porch where it is cool. Drive to my spot with the truck just warm enough to keep the frost off the windows.

When I walk in in the am I wear just the wool sweater and outer fleece Jacket (colours) on top...bottoms are as above. I wear a pair of cotton gloves in. Once I reach my spot I sit and cool down a bit, then layer up & replace my hand wear. Never do i start off with the hand warmers...I have found with wearing small weight gloves during walking your hand will become use to the climate, then when replace with a dry pair and the mitts they are very comfortable...but sometimed sweat a bit.

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