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bonus anterless

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I am just afraid that there wont be many deer left. Do I see deer each time I am out hunting most of the time yes. Probably see 3 or 4 deer each time I am out. Are these the same deer maybe or maybe not. I can remember as a kid or thought they were deer I counted 20 once. Never since then. I would agree one buck rule has helped out greatly I am seeing many more bucks. I just hope the DNR keeps that going. Maybe the should go with Earn a buck program even further the number of bucks.
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Boy that Kev1 sure replies to everyone's responses. Hard to get a word in edgewise.

He knows of which he speaks.

Even here in IL, for those of you who don't know, haven't been paying attention, are blind, or just don't concern yourselves ........... the average size/body weight of deer has been going down, year after year. As Kevin wisely stated, the permits issued ARE based upon poulation studies.

I don't know how to make it any more simple.If theres 30 deer per square mile and only enough food for 15 deer, if they have to share the food sources, their body weight and general health will be down.

1224 - I would saydon't worry about the number of deer your seeing (alot more might be seeing you than you see of them). Wouldn't you rather have higher quality deer? I'm not taking about better wall hangers but I think the health of a deer herd in any area can really be measured by plenty of big old fat does! (mmmm, mmmmm, good).

1224 I like your suggestion "that we all should get together and do something so the deer are managed right". Myself, I would be apt to get together with someone who has science, study and information on their side. Like the ones who do the studies, pop counts, etc.... Right?
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Default RE: bonus anterless

ORIGINAL: kevin1

Dayum it's good to be a Lifetime License holding meat hunter here ! [8D]
Yes it is!
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ORIGINAL: uncle matt

Boy that Kev1 sure replies to everyone's responses. Hard to get a word in edgewise.
I have no interior life , so I stay here a lot .

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In Pa Special Regulations countys you can take unlimited doe if you have a $6 tag for each. Ya gotta luv it.
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