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last weekend opener

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Default last weekend opener

Sorry i posted so late but my internet is down at my house so i have to use my grandma's puter, But anyway my weekend kinda sucked. Saturday morning we,(me and my dad) wake up at 4:30 and head up to one of his friend's up by were he works. We get there by 5:30 or so and talk for a bit till the sun is kinda up then we make the trek to the woods. Well i get settled in and sit for prolly 30min. when this yearlin doe steps out of the wood into the field about 60yrds away. She is prollly inthe field for prolly 5 or 10 min. and makes it to about 15yrds when i look north of my a see a deer enter the field about 100 to 120yrds away. So i decide to start and get the gun up. But with the doe bein so close she sees my and her head goes up. She stared at me for what seemed like forever before she put her head back down, so i temp it again with the same story. I do this two more times. Finally she starts to walk off, but the buck is still 80 to 90yrds away, but i say to hell with it and pulled the gun up and settled the cross-hairs right in front of his right side should and squeeze the trigger. After the BOOM and the shot cleared enought i could see him leave the field, When he left he was hunkerin down pretty low and was hangin his head down, but he was bookin. So after reloadin and settin for a few minutes i decide to go look for him. I got to the spot where i shot him and did not find anything and i looked around were he entered the woods and never found any blood, so hopefully i missed, But saturday PM one of the guy we were huntin with said he seen a little 8point that was limpin on his right side. Then sunday mornin i was goin to shoot a doe, but my dad calles me on the radio, which is set on vibrate so that it is suposed to be "silent" but it beeped for some reason and it alerted them to my presents, which one of them already knew i was there, then he called again and they took off and i didnt want to risk a runnin shot. Then we was leavein to head home and the guy who land we were huntin on called us and said that they had found a dead 6point that had been shot in the right rear leg dead, but they said it look as if it had been sittin for a few days, and also were they found it would have been 6 or 700yrds away from where i shoot, so i dont know, hopefully i mised,
Sorry fer the long post but it was and excitin weekend. Sort-of
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Default RE: last weekend opener

Dang that stinks! I had something like that happen to me last monday. I shot this really nice doe but she was really wary. As I shot she either bolted and/or I jerked a little bit cause I didn't put my put my left hand on the stock!DUH!!! iSN'T adrenaline great! But anyway I caught her in the back leg. She left hardly any blood trail. we tracked that sucker for 5 hrs.! Sounds to me that you just missed low and hopefully that little 8 will be fine. Unless you jerked on the shot or your gun is seriously off I doubt it was the six. But how am I supposed to know, i have a hard enough time dealin with my own animals! LOL. Hopefully you and I will have better shots and luck next time. Sorry you weren't able to recover it, It happens though.
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