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Close encounter of the Animal Kind.

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Default Close encounter of the Animal Kind.

What has been the closet you have been to game animals.

1. First gun season was sitting in a hollow out tree what was left heard something behind me stuck my head out and was about 4 feet away from a forkhorn buck.

2. First time bowhunting ever had a 8 point buck walk up to the stump I was sitting on then move around and step across my leg and brush the broadhead. Ended up shooting the spike buck with him at 15 feet.

3. Wild Turkey hen's two different spring season same area had one pulling on the shiny part of my shoe string and bumping her head on the barrel of the shotgun.

Second hen second season keep looking down the barrel of the gun even to the point of stiking the beak inside the barrel.

4. Smaller animal had a chipmunk keep going under my leg while bowhunting. After I was done got up and move leave not one whole to be found. Just amazed me.

5. While bowhunting had a squirrel coming down the tree stuff falling on me until it was super close but had no ideal how close until I felt the weit of two feet one at a time on my hat.

6. Have had little birds land on my shaft, and boots while hunting over the years.

How about you whats you favorite stories.

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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Close encounter of the Animal Kind.

Squirrel hunting two years ago I was sitting on a stump and had a spike come down the hill behind me. Walked about 5 feet behind me and I was turned around looking at him. I could have hit him with my gun barrel.

Sat. morning I was in the middle of a gum tree with 5 splits. Had a squirrel come up the other tree and look at me, he was about 4 inches from the tip of my arrow.

Had a few hawks flare at the last second when they realized I was too big to carry away. Thank good they did too.
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Default RE: Close encounter of the Animal Kind.

In late August, while scouting, I had a fawn walk up to within 12 feet of me. Until her mom snorted and told her go to her room.

While bowhunting on the ground last year, I had a doe followed by a decent sized buck wander right down the trail I was watching just 15 feet away. Of course, it was 20 minutes before shooting time opened and still too dark to see well enough to take a shot. Never saw anything the rest of the season. It figures.

I also had a couple of mice playing tag between my boots.

Last Sunday there was a squirrel in my tree just a few feet from my head jumping from branch to branch. It's a good thing I had that 5 inch caterpillar on the tree next to my head keeping me company or the squirrel would be singing a different toon today...like "Taps".

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Default RE: Close encounter of the Animal Kind.

This didn't happen to me but many years ago when my father was a boy he will at time re-live this moment I am about to share.

Taken for his first hunt ever in Huntsville AL. my father was very eager to get out there and hunt and very much antisipating in see a deer and possible being able to harvent it.

Back then they managed to gather doe pee or esterus and when my father was dropped of to his hunting location, he was reminded to put the sent around and wait quietly.

Well, my father managed to put the sent all over his cloths? and began to wait. Hours past and still no sign. After a while he fell fast asleep in the gentle down fall of the snow, rolling into a small ball to keep warm.

When my father awoke, he did so with a fresh mound of deer poop six inches from his face, still steaming! and prints in the snow showing the deer going back into the woods.

Now thats a close one.

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Default RE: Close encounter of the Animal Kind.

While turkey hunting, had a squirrel come down the tree I was under and walk over me to get to the forest floor.

Had a turkey gobble directly behind me once. Never knew he was there. Nearly had to change my pants.

Had a small 6 pointer walk right up to me while I was standing on a trail. This is the same day I left my bow back by the tree and also managed to lose my release.

Had an owl fly right over my head just this past September. That was spooky since he made no sound at all.

Beyond that, have had several small birds land right by me.


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