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I will try to keep this short... my husband son and I all hunt, Bow, Shotgun, etc. we have 50 acres with a cabin we use year round. Here is my question: my husbands daughter is coming for a visit this weekend (second weekend into bow season) that isn't the problem... my concern is their dog! we do not have dogs and the closest dog is a half mile away from us. I am very concerned that this will change the deer movement significantly. Am I being foolish? His daughter and her husband do not hunt. they are content with just coming for the day and leaving the dog home, my husband says they can come and leave the dog outside. Also, will the addition of new scent (meaning to poeple that don't walk around the property more than 1 time a year also alter things)

The deer population is down in our area by major quantities so anything that may bring our chances from scarce to zilch are a huge concern for me. I seek any advice on this one!! ASAP!!!
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I would personally be concerned about the dogs,because i hunt property where a neighbor let's his dogs run free and they chase the deer all the time.This spot is a real good spot a nd i won't even waste my time hunting there because of the dogs.hope this helps some
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Thanks for the input newman1!! Now they said they will tie the dog outside for the day... good grief! I have been able to stand on my deck and the deer will still walk into the yard on the other side of the pond, but with a dog tied to the deck, urinating, barking etc. that just won't happen now. I could just cry! last weekend the wind was blowing and it was pouring, now a dog this weekend!! Shotgun season will be down the drain because now they are coming for Thanksgiving too WITH THE DOG!!!
Guess there is next year!
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Everyone in my family has dogs and cats and pets galore....we just say no to visiting pets...we dont have any and wont allow them in the house....just explain that...they should respect it
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we have currently been observing a buck and 2 does within 50 to 100 yards from the cabin. My feeling is that a dog arriving with it's own new scents, not to mention additional activity from more humans meandering aboutwill bring that to an end... Am I worrying too much? I don't want to create problems and make enemies if I am just blowing it out of proportion. I just feel that if this can be a potential time bomb, everyone would be much happier if we waited until after hunting season. If anyone here thinks I am wrong, I'll relax, so far 2 of you have kindly advised that pets should remain at home. I am being promised that the "pet" will be chained up and not allowed to free roam (OK, but it is still something new to the mix and in everything I have read so far, a dog, predatory by nature, will alert the deer that are currently there and used to what is going on around them right now even if it is chained, there will be a new scent in the air)
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Obviously if you have a cabin and it is used for hunting it would be best to keep visitors to mininum, especially during hunting season. Let them visit and show them around when you are scouting or something.

My opinion though, as long as the dog is on a leash at all times and not taken near your stands I think you will be alright. Also might not want to have others walking around where you hunt. Maybe you can take them on a walk when they get there to show them where you hunt and check things out and then ask them to stay away from that area while you are hunting. Leave Fido at the cabin during the walk.

My hunting buddy has one of his spots not 80 yards off from his moms back porch. They have dogs and other animals, not to mention people visiting. And they live near MIS race track so you get some traffic at times too. He as no trouble killing deer. I have actually sat in my back yard tree line 90 yards from my house and many others in a tree stand and had deer walk under me. Heck they bed down in the empty lot between my house and the neighbors.

I don't think it will ruin your whole season, but it may inconvenience you for a day or so. Hunting is fun, but I wouldn't put it above your family. If this is going to be an on going thing you might consider moving your stands farther away from the dwelling if they are close. I don't see where having them there is going to be any different than you being there.

Deer have good senses and are skittish, but they are not very smart and are sort of creatures of habit until the rut hits. And once that happens it won't matter who or what is in the area. They just don't think right.

I have shot deer and had to track them, then drag them to a vehicle we drove in there. Come back a day or so later and see deer again. I have also talked to others that used dogs to track downed deer. And then killed another in the same week.

Good luck and remember whatever happens to have fun and try and enjoy yourself.

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Thanks for your input Paul. As I had said, my biggest concern was the deer catching the scent of a "new" dog so to speak. We all bow hunt too, but if you don't think it will hinder things for more than a day or so, I won't fret about it. I am more wanting my husband to get his deer this year! We have had the property for only 2 years and it seems as if every hunting season there is a new problem in the mix! the First year it was hunters coming in off of state land onto posted land like there was a neon sign blinking ALL ARE WELCOME!!! saying Oh we didn't notice (the signs couldn't be more visible), last year it was a group of kids on their 4 wheelers out joy riding every weekend... this year everything seemed to be going perfect! So I guess it still is!! Me, I enjoy just sitting in my stand and taking it all in,from watching the first hint of daylight glowing over the tree line, to hearing the apples fall,as much as I do being a part of the hunt and killing a deer. It really is amazing isn't it all the sounds in the woods...
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I take my two dogs out squirrel hunting one day then i'm out bowhunting the next day and still seeing deer so i don't know what to tell ya.
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