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What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

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Default What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

I am looking into getting my first trail camera. I would like to have an IR model, but I guess it is not necessary. What is your recommendation???
Looking to spend <$450.00. Thanks.
I have been all over the internet to chasingame and everywhere else. They give reviews, but no where is anyone saying this certain camera is the best.
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Default RE: What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

I can't help much w/ ir because the models I know about seem to have a lot of problems.

i think the best all around camera is the stealth i450. it's really cheap too, $139and a $20 rebate. it's trigger time is about 2-3 seconds, pictures are pretty good, flash is strong. I'm not sure how much it sucks down batteries because I use the stealth 12volt kit $37.The camera also senses (picks up motion) better then most other cams out there. I've tried A LOT of cameras and this one is by far my favorite (i have 2 now).

there are more expensive cams like cuddeback - but I feel strongly that this stealth is better then them. i had a no-flash and it was complete junk. i've heard that cuddeback cleaned up their cams for '07 but they are still way overpriced!

Another good option is the wildview line (don't get the .3 megapixel or the wildview extreme II), the wildview 2,3,4,&5 should be good. (note that there is a difference between II and 2 - II is bad!). Problem w/ that line is the trigger speed is about 5 seconds so the cam will work best on a salt lick or a feeder. don't use it on a trail.

if you want to spend more the camtrakker's have a really good reputation and take (in my opinion) the best pictures. I think there's a digital model for $450.

anyway, good luck!

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Default RE: What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

With plenty of trail cameras to choose from, I would consider the five big factors when buying a new trail camera: image quality, trigger speed, user-friendliness, cost, and durability.[/b]
Other Options To Consider: battery life[/b], built-in flash range, sensing range (some cameras have a sensor that is more wide and others have a sensor that is more narrow but will sense objects farther out), movie capability, night vision, auxiliary battery pack?, rechargeable batteries?, megapixel upgrade, memory card capacity, mono-pod holder, Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera set-up, time lapse mode, multi-shot pictures, upgradeable software, barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, time, date, and onboard viewing of images.

First and foremost, where is the camera going to be used? Is it going to be over a feeder, food plots, mineral sites, or scrapes? Or is it going to be over trails, bottle necks, junction points, rub lines, transition areas, etc? The difference is, you don’t have to a fast trigger speed if you have deer coming in and stopping, if you are going to use the camera for the trail action then fast trigger time is very important (though I believe it can be gotten around if you setup the camera properly)

How much do you care for the sharpness of the pictures? Trail cameras now run from 1.3 megapixels to 6 megapixels. You need to look at different pictures from different cameras and see where you draw the line in the quality of picture you want. (Look at night time and daytime photos)

How good are you with using electronic devices because you will find some trail cameras are easier to operate than others (in setting up and shutting down). Some cameras show you how many pictures they have taken on the front display while others you have to open up to see how many pictures have been taken (just another example of user friendless).
On durability, you want your camera to last more than a season or two so you want the case to be strong to take the beatings of Mother Nature as well as you want the parts to function properly and be reliable for a long time.
I don’t know if you are putting out your camera where it gets real cold in the winter but powering your trail camera can be an issue. Batteries can be costly, but longevity is important when outside temperatures rise and fall dramatically. Although expensive, good batteries are necessary to ensure that your camera works all the time (if you go the rechargeable D battery route get at least a 2500 mah rating). In the summer this is not a big deal. At warmer temperatures, cameras can run for a couple months without much concern. When temperatures drop below freezing, that's when you've got to keep a close eye on your power source. Extreme cold winter temperatures can wreak havoc on battery life. Your will find out long battery life is a very important thing to have (even if you do have your camera close by).

Some people go homebrew (there are ups and downs to homebrew), some people like the high end cameras like camtrakker or buckeye cam, and some just want the cheapest ones they can find. Saying that, it all comes down to preference (and what your goals and objectives for the camera are), some people will sway you to this camera while another will say this camera, it’s up to you to decide.

Go to to check out pictures and reviews of different cameras.

For me I would definitely check out the new 07’ Moultrie Line.
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Default RE: What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

I would check out and see if you can find a homebrew p41 IR camera. From what I have heard these have been putting out the best results as far as speed, clarity, battery life, and consistency. Plus you can kill the shutter motor for no sound and low flash. IR cameras do still emit a little red flash but w/ homebrews you can lower it to where you feel it is still taking good pics.

I have made a bunch of homebrews and definately prefer these to about anything else for the money.
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Default RE: What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

The Moultrie I-60 Photos:
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Default RE: What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

i personally like stalth cams the best, they make a great infered camera.
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Default RE: What cam to buy?????? Need your advice

We have tested and used 22 digital trail cameras to date and our current favorites are the Trail Watcher cameras. All around, they are the best that we have.

You can read all of the reveiws at our website listed below.
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