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Best way to finish off a deer w/knife??

Old 07-21-2005, 12:35 PM
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Default RE: Best way to finish off a deer w/knife??

All I got to say is dang jerseyjim how long did it take to get your pants cleaned out.or did you just blow right out of them.
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Default RE: Best way to finish off a deer w/knife??

common sense here would be a good thing. It depends now on how much a deer has left in him. If you can actually walk up to the deer on the ground and he doesnt get up more likely than not he hasnt got the strength left in him, get on him from behind grab horns and slice his juggler, now if you come up on him and he starts thrashing and trying to get away, good luck you aint gonnafinish him with a knife.I say .22 to the head.
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Old 07-22-2005, 02:23 AM
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Default RE: Best way to finish off a deer w/knife??

I'm not trying to say to you guys who do it, not to.

I'm really just giving a little advice to the guys who are learning or haven't made up their mind and I'll put it to ya'all the same way I would if we were standing there in the situation.

If you want to do that, go right ahead.
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Old 07-22-2005, 07:47 AM
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Default RE: Best way to finish off a deer w/knife??

First off, I'd only do this as a last resort. I would think there must be or might be some way of rigging a knife or other stabbing/cutting instrument so one could perform the coup-de-grace from a safe distance ...like say 4-6 feet.

If I was place in a situation where I had only a hand held knife with which to put a deer down, I wouldn't consider it unless a 6' long stick could be poked into or onto the still living deer with little response. A small deer with no headgear is one thing. A decent sized 4 point is quite another matter. Wisdom and prudence are required here.
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Yikes. Well, there’s really no “good” way, and by that I mean both safe to you, and an efficient and easy way to dispatch the deer in this situation. I can tell you about anatomy a little bit. Down the back of the hind leg is the femoral artery. If you can give a quick slice, without catching a hoof, that shouldn’t take too long. Although, I’d almost recommend a long handled axe, if your sure with your swing. That might help keep your body out of hoof reach. You also have the carotid down the front of the throat, but there’s usually a lot of fatty tissue and extra skin there, so you’d have to get a long, hard “swipe,” and for that I would recommend a samurai sword. Lol. Nah, a machete I guess. A bush whacker. You really need to keep your body safe from hooves and antlers. Another thought, if the deer is on its side, and you can approach from the back, rather than hooves and belly, or tail, maybe a mallet and a spike to the back of the head/spine area. I think you could reach the brain from the ear canal or just behind the ear. Another option is tranquilizers. Using one could allow you close enough, with minimal danger to yourself, to dispatch the deer in the way you are most comfortable.
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Originally Posted by rile1564
I'd say wait until the next morning and take your dogs out to track it. Don't try "finishing it off" with a knife.
This right here. What you are describing could cause that deer to run to parts unknown on sheer adrenaline. Also, it may lie there and bleed out depending on the wound.

There's no reason to do it.

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maybe I've just been luck, for nearly 57 years , but I can't remember ever having to "finish off" a deer or elk,

almost all were dead before I reached them, the few that were not died within a few seconds.

yeah, Ive helped finish off a few friends deer, but that was inevitably linked to less than ideal shot placement.

that may have something to do with waiting for a good shot opportunity at the games vitals and generally

using a heavy for caliber bullet and knowing the games anatomy.

and waiting until I was certain of shot placement, and yes that generally required, use of a bi-pod or decent tree branch or a rifle over a back-pack,

and generally ranges under 350 yards for rifles, 120 max yards, for handguns and 40 yards max for archery

it has little to do with caliber, power or cartridge as I've used many firearms, and even archery equipment,

I've killed elk and deer regularly.

like I've used a 44 mag revolver , 257 roberts,30/06 ,300 wby, 340 wby, 450 marlin and 458 lott,

they all worked with one shot kills, yes I've passed on making a great many shots.

yes I practice shooting targets out at 500 yards, but Ive rarely taken shots over 350 yards even when I was rather sure I could do so!


know your weapons limitations, a 257 roberts does not have the punch of a 375 H&H,

thus you limit the range and shot angles you'll accept. and wait for a better opportunity.

cartridges like a 458 lott or 450 marlin may have the power to reach out, but limits of flat trajectory suggest limiting shots to maybe 175-200 yards

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Thread was dead since 2005. Why bring it back to life in 2022?
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i know a guy that tried to cut a bucks throat when it wasnt quite dead. he grabbed the buck by the horns and the deer stood up. he had the knife and the horns both in hand and the deer decided that it was not going to have anything to do with having its throat cut. the fight ensued with both him and the deer trying to get away from each other. the guy was afraid that he was going to get knocked down and either getting stuck by the knife of gored by the buck. luckily his brother was able to shoot the buck to finish it off.
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