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boat blind need ideas

Old 04-24-2003, 05:52 PM
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Default boat blind need ideas

I have a 12 foot jon boat and I hunt in Jamestown Ks marsh I need ideas for one also im looking for a small motor for my jon boat im only 16 so dont have lots of money and what is the best decoy spread/(like where to put the different types of decoys)
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Old 04-24-2003, 06:35 PM
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Default RE: boat blind need ideas

i have a 1436 jon with a mudmotor and hunt quite a bit at neosho wildlife area, it' s a little north of parsons kansas. i basically use it as transportation; another guy or two, 120 dekes, a dog or two, and all our gear. we hunt off of these earthen mounds that dozers created out in the marsh. i did the boat in camo paint over the summer, and it basically blends in with the tall grasses in the marsh. sometimes we just park the boat in the grass and stand in the water next to it while hunting. it' s convenient for keeping stuff dry and on a level surface, like my grill.

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Old 04-29-2003, 03:58 PM
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Default RE: boat blind need ideas

dm66, one thing in your favor, you have a small boat.(easy to hide) heres my setup, 12 footer with a two horse, oars,(always!) 12 ft. of camo burlap, held up with 4 pc of conduit, 2 dz. decoys, all mallards, no dog. i never hunt out of the boat, i just shoot better on my ow two feet , so i beach it and hunt in my wadders. i painted the boat, cost about 30.00 to paint a boat that size inside and out. and use a primer! buy some burlap they sell in gardening supply stores folks use the stuff to wrap around shrubbs for the winter so you may not get ahold of the cheap stuff till aug. or sept. open season on conduit all year. use some paint left over from the boat for the burlap. so far all this might run you about 50.bucks. as far as you motor, small motors cost less even at garage sales. if you dont already have oars, buy them first, youll be glad you did when your mtr crapps on you!
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Default RE: boat blind need ideas

Outdoor Life magazine did a really big article a couple months ago on decoy spreads, what time of year, mixed sets, etc.. Do a search on their site for it, it was really good. As for the boat, can' t help there, I hunt in Colorado, we hunt in waders and walk across ice to retrieve ducks, or make the stupid dogs go get them in the freezing water!
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Default RE: boat blind need ideas

This is a topic I was researching two years ago. Below are my results...

I painted my 16 foot aluminum canoe, which was given to me by my grandfather, with dark green aluminum/concrete paint (about $16/gallon). I followed by painting random stripes, mostly verticle, on the green base coat (colors were tan, black and light green about $2/can spray paint). Boat is done.

Next was a trip to the local farmer' s exchange (or grain mill if you will). I purchased 15 bulap feed bags (cost $2.00/each). I pulled out the cord which sewed the seams and and layed them out to created the configuration I wanted. Then I sewed them together using green yarn (stole from my wife = free). After time outside getting kicked around, rained on, frozen and muddy the makeshift blind material was ready. This is used to drape over the canoe to conceal me and my gear (and dog this coming season, she will be 2 then). It helps to throw some switch grass over the top of it all when you are at the hunting site.

I found some foam at work which they gave me (again = free). It was perfect! 2 inches thick and about 12 inches in diameter. 20 of these stacked on each side, conduit ran through the center to more conduit for cross bars and presto....instant stabilizers! (these work VERY WELL)

I use anywhere from 5 to 16 mallard decoys in small marshy areas spread around my canoe or in a pattern in front of the canoe.

Finally, I took the plunge and purchased a new Motorguide electric motor which is perfect for the side mount on my canoe (about $130.00).

Throw it all together, grab your gun and call (for effect) and we are wing shooting!

Good Luck with the Duck!
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