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New to waterfowling...need help

Old 10-23-2006, 08:51 PM
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Default New to waterfowling...need help

Hey everyone!

I am relatively new to waterfowling this year. I recently got13 full body goose decoys from a friend and went good hunting the 14th of Oct. and was lucky enough to take a goose. My calling wasnt the best but i still brought them in and missed quite a few times though. I also recently bought a motorized wing duck decoy along with a dozen mallard decoys.

I will be field hunting for both geese and ducks and i was hoping you guys could helphe out withsome pointers so that i may be successful. I will be sitting in a fence line for by blind in a cut corn field. I would like to know how i should set up my spreads for the ducks and geese. And i read that geese are scared of motorized decoys so i havent used it when i have been goose hunting. Is this true? What are good calling techniques to lure in ducks and geese when i see them? Please offer up any other advice that may be helpful for me. As of right now, my budget doesnt allow me to purchase any other hunting things due to that damn college tuition Thanks for your help!
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Default RE: New to waterfowling...need help

I have never used motorized decoys for geese, but do know they love a little movement. I have seen some new decoys out that will move slightly with the wind but cant remember the brand name. The motorized duck decoyhas worked well for me.I was taught to keep the ducks in a closer with the geese out farther. Also, with some seperation between the 2. Obviously the wind anda whole to for them to pitch into are the 2 most important things to consider.

I'm not a very good caller myself. I did purchase a Sean Mann goose call about 2 seasons agothat came with an instuctional cassette. I know it may sound a little corny but it greatly helped my calling with good results. I would play it whenever I was driving and practice. I have the eastern shoreman and have not yet mastered it, so when the geese are getting close I will sometimes go to my scoby which is a little softer and easier to control. Listen to the birds and try to mimick their volume, patterns & tone.

As far as missing geese.... I started hunting at young age. I picked up on dropping ducks before I did geese. My 1st couple seasons I continued to miss geese but shoot ducks well. Finally my grandfather told me to just settle the **** down, not to over think and just aim for the white on the side of their **** heads. I've been droppin em ever since!!!!!!! I was leading them too much. All I ever heard was "you got to lead them" and I was, too much. Obviously your lead changes with a variety of factors but the point still stands.
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Old 10-25-2006, 05:55 AM
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Default RE: New to waterfowling...need help

Spinning wing decoys do not scare geese. I've killed geese with a couple of mojo's running. I usually set my ducks up about 20 yards behind me. Motion in goose decoys is crucial. Geese key in on the motion when they are checking out your spread. Lots of different companies make motion bases, necks, heads, and flapping wings.

Around here field edges work ok in the early season but the geese seem to stay away from them. set up in the middle of the field or on the highest point. The best place is to set up where the birds were the night before.

As for hitting them get them in as close as possible. Relax and aim for the head.

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Old 10-25-2006, 10:19 AM
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Default RE: New to waterfowling...need help

I am not a huge fan of spinners for geese but I would try it for yourself and create your own judgement...sounds like you are off to a good start so keep it up!!!

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Default RE: New to waterfowling...need help

The only real movement you need is a flag once you get them circling they focus more on what dangers are there. I have never used any motion decoys but just a flag to get their attention. As long as you have a place for them to land and are doing a decent job of calling, avoid calling to much if they are quite there is no need to be overly loud, just try and mimic what they are saying. you should be fine-
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Default RE: New to waterfowling...need help

Well bud i am in a similar situation i hunt a corn field with a fence line dividing propertys in kane county.which just happens to be goose heaven.ducks and especially geese dont want to commit to close to a fence. there for dig a small pit out in the middle and cover up with surrounding folage. thats the best bet they get spooky landing close to a tree line not knowing if predators may be in it.you wanna be a hundred yards from this so they can see the decoys early and commit to you that much faster.as for the decoy mojo duck keep your ducks away from your geese usally your safe shooting distance 35 to 40 yards and they should suck right in. as for calling it is a learning experience practice inthe field listen to the geese and try to duplicate. remember if straight up is12oclock never call them when there at 2 or 10 draws to much attention to you.well thats about it were all out there to have fun so get after em buddy and may the skys rain ducks and geese for you.............
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Default RE: New to waterfowling...need help

I don't really know where kane county is but the shore of md is where geese come to die. We have birds here like you wouldn't believe.
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