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Releasing Pheasant Chicks

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Default Releasing Pheasant Chicks

We are thinking of releasing some pheasant chicks onto our land, just wondering what time of year would be best. And on average what is the mortality rate of chicks. Releasing about 150 male and females. The land is private, water source and has grain bordering it. Land is all CRP so lots of grasses for cover. Thanks for any info.
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Default RE: Releasing Pheasant Chicks

Sounds like the chicks will have a good habitat.
Release them at about 5-7 weeks old.. in the Spring.
They will have adequate vegetation and bugs to eat.
The only thing you will have to be concerned about is predators, hawks, coyotes, foxes.
If you have a lot of these type predators you may not have too much luck with reproduction in the wild.
You may want to put out some watering pans in the area of release at first so they do not dehydrate, if it is a dry year.
Good luck!!!
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Default RE: Releasing Pheasant Chicks

I wish you luck on your stocking. Over many years (about 35 years) on my farm I have stocked pheasants It is now in CRP and has springs and creek running through it. I have marked all the birds I have released and very seldom kill one that is marked. You need a very intensive predator control and You should have them in pens near the cover. Set them up so that you can open a pen in the evening and let them go on their own volition. Keep feed and water in the pen for a week or so so that they can come back to get a supplement till they find out what they can eat in the wild. The problem with releasing these chicks is they have no mother to show them what to do. You should also spray them with a little water to wet them down for a few days prior to release. This will help them start to preen and waterproof themselves. The reason I recommend 4 weeks for release is that after 4 weeks of age they seem to have been so imprinted on the feed trough that they never do learn to go on their own. I hate to throw cold water on your plans but try it maybe you will have success. Good luck.
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Default RE: Releasing Pheasant Chicks

I don't remember where I heard it, but somebody once told me it was a nice way to feed the predators. If their bellys are full of released birds then you should have more wild birds left in the fall. Of course after a while your predator population will probably increase unless you make an effort on that front as well.
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Default RE: Releasing Pheasant Chicks

Well I wish you good luck at this i have done it with a good sucess rate. I have been told how ever that you are very lucky if 20% survive. I have also found it best to do it at one time . The reason i feel everyone worries about predators is if you go to a game farm the predators know the food will be there every weekend.
If you do this 1 time they will neot become accustomed to a feeding ritual every week. Don't wory about predators worry about the neighbors cat. feral cats do more harm to wildlife than most predators do. you may try going to the pheasants forver website for additional information good luck
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Default RE: Releasing Pheasant Chicks

Feral cats are predators. And you are right about them being really bad.

I think you are wasting your time. If you want to spend some money buy the birds and release them for shooting. The only released birds I have ever seen make it and I don't know how long even then is to release some bred hens at nesting time and they may raise a few chicks for you.

If released birds were the answer the country would be overrun with pheasants. We have several clubs around here that have been releasing a couple of thousand birds a year and only harvesting half of them some years and there still isnt a single wild bird around let alone many.

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