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I am so Frustrated

Old 05-08-2005, 08:19 PM
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Default I am so Frustrated

I spend weeks scouting to find where the turkeys are roosting.
I do all the work.
I go and hear him fly down,
Then I call him to me only to have him shot half way to me.[:@]

The guy shows it to me on his way out and he says he just came that day.

I do all the work scouting and calling and,
This guy walks up and through blind luck gets my turkey. [:'(][:'(][:'(][:'(]

I know he didn't know I was there buuuuuut it still don't help,
The way I feel.

The season is over and no turkey [&:]

At least he didn't shot at me.

I just had to vent

Thanks for reading this.
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Default RE: I am so Frustrated


Don't feel so bad it was my very first season as well, I spent $700.00 on camo gear, shotgun, decoy, calls etc and had a kind invite from a friend at his blind and waited while he called them in for me and after watching so many hens 5 yards away from us a nice size tom comes walking in and as soon as i raised my shotgun a large hen walked right up in front of my shot and i couldn't do a thing about it because i didn't want to kill the hen and the tom and hen walked down the hill and that was the first & last chance i had in the 2 days i was invited up to hunt turkey [:@]

Im very greatfull for the invite and chance i had to hunt turkey on private land and it was a great set up in a blind but i guess it's the luck of the draw and this time i crapped out!
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Old 05-09-2005, 03:47 AM
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Default RE: I am so Frustrated

just think y'all could of been at home doing honey do's.....so a day in the woods birdless is still better than one not in the woods at all...........
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Old 05-09-2005, 03:55 AM
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Default RE: I am so Frustrated

had the same thing the 4 th. day of ohio's he crused the ridge about 200 yds. below me,banging on a box call (novice) while I was working one from the ridge on my left,had him comming too,untill he ran into the other guy. Well that hapens, hope it was his first & it got him fired up about turkey hunting. I guess all things happen for one reason or another. Don't let it get ya down, keep on keeping on . good hunting in the future. gb 50
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Default RE: I am so Frustrated

I've know how you feel I've been frustrated to had two tags for ILL 3rd & 5th seasons 3rd season could have shot a jake first day but passed. that was my only opportunity birds were henned up terrible you couldn't buy a gooble after flydown. 5th season much the same thing had a bird roosted next to last day and had him comin when 2 hens walked by me at 5 yds. to the bird and that was it next day I went back in on him no gooblin on the roost but was sure they were there walked to my set-up spot abit closer to where he had been roosting when 2 guys stood up and that blew my set-up and I appoligized for walkin in on them (public land) and told them we could sit and they could try and call blindly cause I knew the birds were in the area but they just wanted to bs for half an hour and that was it. OH!! well next yr
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Default RE: I am so Frustrated

Better luck next year! Sorry to hear you didn't get one and It seems like forever before you will get to go again but at least you got to go hunting.
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Default RE: I am so Frustrated

Yep, had the same thing happen to me this year.
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Default RE: I am so Frustrated


It took me 13 hunting tries/trips to finally harvest old Three Toe.

It's been over a week now and I'm STILL floating on air. It was my first.

Read this months Turkey Call for some inspiration, insite and perspective.

Hang in there. You did everything right and have no reason to hold your head low.

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