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Need your recipes

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Default Need your recipes

Got my first ever turkey this morning. Just took the breast out on this one. What are your favorite recipes for the breasts? They are in the fridge now, thought I would make them tonight.
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Default Stuffed wild turkey breast

5 or 6 oz package herbed goat cheese or basil and garlic goat sheese room temp.

3 oz package phila cream cheese with chives room temp

Large jar roasted red bell peppers

jar of sun dried tomatoes in oil

1/2 cp good brandy, VSOP if you have it

some fresh Arugula or young spinach leaves

One turkey breast filleted off breast bone

fresh ground black pepper
3 tbl sp butter
3 tpb sp olive oil

with a very sharp knife cut your breasts fillets in half leaving a hinge so they open like a book. Then open the fillets and with a meat pounder pound out the fillets so they are thinner and uniform thickness.

take your room temp cheeses and mix together

place your spinach or arugula leaved in boiling water for about a half

minute then plunge them in ice water and ice. remove from ice water and pat dry.

remove enough roasted peppers from the jar and cut in half the long way so you have two flat pieces from each one, enough to make a row of pepper halves down the center of the breast fillet.

remove from jar and drain enough sun dried tomatoes to make another row the length of the fillets.

Salt and pepper the fillets on both sided, then spread a thin layer of the cheese mixture on the inside of the fillets. Next lay a double row of leaves down the center of the bottom fillets. Next make a row of sundried tomatoes just about one inch back from the edge of the fillets, then make a row of the roasted pepper halves just behind the tomatoes. Close the top half of the fillets over the bottom half with the filling and close all the way around using tooth picks or turkey trussing pins.

Next melt the butter and add the olive oil to a large skillet, if your skillet isn't large enough yoy may have to use two skillets, just double the butter, oil and brandy. On medium heat saute both sides of the turkey breasts till they have some color. Remove from the skillet and sit aside on a platter and add the brandy to the skillet and reduce by half scrapping any thing that is on the bottom of the skilled with a wooded spatula or similar device to get the flavor incorporated. When Brandy is reduced place the breast fillets back in the skillet and put a lid on the skillet and cook at low medium heat for about ten minutes or you are sure the meat is done, it doesn't take long because they were already mostly cooked. When done, put on platter and drizzle the pan juices with the brandy over the fillets, rest for about 10 minutes and serve. You can omit the spinach or Arugula if you like.
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anyway you fix pork loin is good eats, marinate it with your favorite juice, or just slice it your preferred thickness, tenderize, then roll in flour and fry, seasoned to your taste, you can't really mess it up,
added: you should have skinned out the legs and thighs for turkey salad, that's my favorite part.
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Let's make this simple. Cut the breast into strips or nuggets. Season your flour with Tony's. Put the pieces in milk. Put the flour in a gallon size freezer bag and shake. Fry like chicken. It only takes abut 8 to 10 minutes. This is the easiest, fastest and tastiest way to cook turkey. I debone the thighs and boil them for an hour. I usually put them in gumbo or I will make barbeque sandwiches with them.
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Why didn't you take the legs and thighs? Those parts are tasty as well and not taking them is a waste of the meat. It is also illegal in some areas to waste them.

As to recipies, I bone mine out and grind them. You can use ground turkey in just about anything.
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Congrats on your first bird.... now you're going to be hooked for life!

Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
you should have skinned out the legs and thighs for turkey salad, that's my favorite part.

Originally Posted by flags View Post
Why didn't you take the legs and thighs? Those parts are tasty as well.

I agree 100% ... Each season I get about 30 pounds of free meat because none of my hunting friends use the "dark meat".

I season them like I would pot-roast and I pressure cook them. Tastes like amazing beef roast.... serve with mashed potatoes and brown gravy!! WOOOOOO!!!

AND........... stay with me here..... trust me....

I don't like liver.... BUT ... wild turkey liver is really really good if you just bread it and fry it!!
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Thanks guys I just mostly fillet it and fry it.. I also keep the legs only i get the wife to make a stew with them.. I do like the idea of roasting them in a crock pot though and cooking them slowly like a roast beef.. I will have to try it..

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As for breasts,

I cut the breast into strips, about 1 or little wider, but enough that I can fillet them in 1/2 lengthwise like you do a butterfly steak on a deers back strap. Marinate in Italian dressing over night, or use another one of your choice. We also like the Garlic and Herb. After Marinating, Unfolded, lay in some Philly Cream cheese, and some fresh chopped Jalapeno peppers. Fold back over, and wrap with a piece of bacon. Grille on med, and baste with your favorite BBQ sauce. It is to die for!

As for the leg and thighs,

I pressure cook for 20 minutes with just enough water to cover them, under 15 lbs pressure. Let cool down, and remove from cooker. At this point the meat just falls apart and off the bone, remove all unwanted bone, tendons, etc. and chop up meat to desired size, and put in canning jars. I put in 1 teaspoon of chicken bouillon and top of with the water saved from the pressure cook. Put lids on, and pressure cook them for 75 min. at 15 lbs, and let cool down. Your done. Might want to clean the pressure cooker before you actually start the canning. The meat is excellent and tender, and can be used for a lot of dish's, soups, BBQ, or whatever you want. It's a shame people throw the legs and thighs away. It's awesome.
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And save those drum sticks! They make real nice two bone suction call and better yet a pot striker!

You want high pitch - use a bone!


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My recipes - do anything you normally would with chicken!

Forgotten Turkey

Roasting pan lightly greased. Uncle Ben's Long Grain and Wild Rice poured into the bottom I use 2 packages. Quarter your breast meat or thighs into serving size protions and lay on top of the dry rice mixture.
Next take a can of cream of mushroom soup with one extra can of water and heat and stir till creamy. Pour that over the top of you pan. Sprinkle on the Uncle Ben's seasoning cover and put in an oven for 3 hrs at 350F. Do not open the pan you loose moisture.

Lay the breast flat. Create any favorite stuffing and make a paste out of it.
Lay a layer of stuffing on top of your breast and roll. Either tie with string or use toothpicks to keep together. I also will wrap bacon strips to the outside.
Put in a smoker and cook until done. I use 165F.

I then refrigerate and slice thinly for sandwiches or add a bit of gravy over the top.

I have also chunked the breast and deep fried using a Jalapeno breading mix. Really good Turkey fingers!

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