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Favorite Turkey Recipes

Old 04-27-2015, 03:20 PM
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Default Favorite Turkey Recipes

Whats yalls favorite Turkey Recipes? Ive only got 1 or 2 I really like. I bet we could all benefit from some recipe swapping! My personal favorite is Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast.

First, I take a tub of cream cheese, and a jar of Jalapeņo Peppers. Slice you're peppers width wise, into little disc's, then slice in half again, and put them into the cream cheese. You can choose how many peppers you want to use. Now, take you're Turkey Breasts, and slice them, between 1/4 & 1/2 Inch thick. You also want them to be long & wide enough to fit a reasonable amount of filling inside.

Once you're Breasts are sliced, lay them flat, and put desired amount of cream cheese filling on top. You dont want too much, just enough to fill the slice, and still be able to roll it up.

After filling & rolling up all you're breast slices, wrap each one in a reasonable amount of bacon! This adds a tremendous flavor to the Turkey. After they are all rolled, put on grill, and cook to desired temperature. Please, dont overcook! You want them done. But PLEASE, don't petrify them.

I absolutely love this recipe! Hope you all enjoy! And I look forward to hearing some of yours!
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I normally let mine marinate in Zesty Italian Dressing for 6-8 hours before cooking. Once they've marinated, I like to cut them into cubes with red and green peppers, some onion and mushrooms and throw them on a kabob stick! cook them low and cook them slow! But like buckman11 stated, DON'T PETRIFY THEM!!! serve with a side of cheesy rice and a cold beer!
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I'm from the South! You deep fry them things! Haha.

I like to cut the breasts up in cubes and put them in a Ziploc bag of Zatarain's Fish Fri. Drop them babies in some hot peanut oil.

I've tried grilling but I can't get it right. I've dried it out too often. I'm nervous about not getting chicken and turkey thoroughly cooked. Don't like it under cooked and don't mind it a little dry. I just seem to go a little overboard and get it too dry.
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I mostly just make deep fried nuggets. But I am definitely going to try that recipe buckman! That sounds great, thanks for posting. Looking forward to hearing more recipes.
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With my last bird, I cut the breast into strips and marinated for a couple hours in a Cajun Butter Marinade. Then coated in Andy's and deep fried. For a little extra kick, added about 1/2 of Andy's Cajun to the mix!
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Take a boneless breast half and slice it in the center so it opens like a book. Pound it a bit with a tenderizing implement, I use a use one with a round bottom with a handle in the center to make the open breast about the same thickness. Then mix room tempreature herbed goat cheese with Philadelphia cream cheese and spread it on half of the breast. Next put some arugula leaves on top of the cheese and roll the breast into a tube. Either pin it with tooth picks or better, tie it with cotton string in 3 or 4 places to hold it in a tube shape. Next salt and pepper the breast and saute it in a skillet in a little olive oil and a tablespoon of butter to brown the outside a bit and until it is almost cooked through. Then add about a quarter cup of a decent brandy to the skillet and put on a lid and cook at medium heat for about 10 minutes. Then remove the breast and place on a plate and cover with foil and rest it for at least 10 minutes. Then add butter to the pan juices and Brandy while the breast is resting and stir, scrapping off the brown bits on the bottom of the pan. Next, remove the foil from the breast and pour the sauce over it and serve. Slice rings about 1 inch or so thick and spoon some sauce on them. Serve with a vege and you favorite starch, I like rice.
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This one is first rate !

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First off, it all starts with being able to enjoy turkey nuggets year round. I skin and debone all the meat. I take the breasts and cut them into inch to inch and a half strips against the grain. I then cut the strips into about three pieces. I divide each breast into about three different quart size ziploc freezer bags. I make sure I get a good sampling of the different meat textures into each bag. Between two turkeys a year, I can have turkey nuggets at least once a month year round.

When it comes nugget time, I defrost a bag and cut all the meat into bite-sized pieces. I drizzle the meat with Worcestershire sauce and sprinkle with seasoning. I like cajun seasoning, but we've been hooked on Cowboy Rub lately. Add a generous amount of flour to a quart size bag and add the nuggets and shake until coated evenly with flour. Fry on medium heat in an iron skillet with olive oil until golden brown. Serve with homemade mashed potatoes, fresh geen beans from the garden, and fresh asparagus from the back yard sauteed in butter and garlic powder. And don't forget the fresh brewed iced tea. Feeds 4.
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We have found no good way to cook them. So, I just give them away. But then again, I really don't care for domestic turkey.
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