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mouth call question

Old 04-09-2007, 07:50 AM
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Default mouth call question

I am new to turkey hunting this year, so I went out and bought 4 different calls, a push button, box, slate and a mouth call. All I can produce quality turkey sounds on occasion except for the mouth call.

What words or noises do you say or make to create a cut, yelp, cluck, etc.

All the information I can get on using this bad boy will help tons.

Thanks fellas
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Default RE: mouth call question

I'm a recent learner (although I've gotten to where I can do the whole kit--yelps, cuts, clucks, purrs, everything except gobbles) so I can sympathize with you.

For me, I started out trying to do the thing with saying certain words to get certain calls...it did NOT work. Sounded like the most god-awful noises you've ever heard, like a cat drowning in a burlap sack thrown in the lake.

Then I heard Matt Morrett on a video say to just start with just trying to get a consistent noise. You'll know when you've got the right noise to shape the different calls from. Just get to where you can consistently make the noise, and can keep it going for several seconds. It won't sound like a turkey yet (more like a bad harmonica), but it's the starting point.

Once you can consistently make the noise, you can start using your tongue and mouth movement, along with volume and starting/stopping the sound, to shape the noise into turkey sounds. The easiest to start with is the yelp, then move on to cutting and clucking.
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Default RE: mouth call question

Cheeee-uckkkkk is a good one to start off with-

Good Luck!
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Default RE: mouth call question

Here is a good link to use to learn how to use the diaphragm call...

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Default RE: mouth call question

I'm also new to it this year, so new that Iactually decided that I was going to try it just 2 weeks from opening day here. I took the advice someone gave me (maybe here on this forum) and spent $12.00 at wally-world for the Primos instructional CD (CD not DVD) and IMO it is great. 2 weeks of practicing to and from work in the car and I feel pretty comfortable with all but the gobble. I'm not gonna win any calling contests but I've read where there's lots of good guides that aren't going to either but they do get birds killed. If you can afford it try it,you also get 3 diaphrams with it, a Mini-double A, a Sonic Dome and a Hen Buster. Good luck.
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Default RE: mouth call question

bassfisherman711, I might be able to help with some words for you say on your diaphram.

Yelp- say "cholk,cholk,cholk". Might have to adjust the pressure of your tongue on the reeds to get the right sound. Series of 4 to 9 notes.

Cluck- say "plock" with your lips pressed kind of tight to each other before you say "plock. Usually just one sharp note.

Cackle- say "kit,kit,cat,cat,cat,cholk,cholk,cholk".

Purr-( Most difficult to learn) flutter your tongue over the reed . Adjust tongue pressure to get the sound you are looking for. This sound is very short and soft. Hen is content and happy.

The yelp and cluck is probably the 2 most important calls to make. As you get good at those you can work on the cackles and purrs. As mentioned eariler, go to nwtf.org and listen to the turkey vocalizations. Also will give you an idea of the cadence, which is important also. I can also recommend a couple of calls that I use and are very user friendly. The Primos Deadly Double and the Primos Boss Hogg. Hope this helps you and have fun. Practice, practice, practice. Good luck.
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Default RE: mouth call question

Breathe or huff the air over the call. Bring the air out of your diaphragm. Your tongue placement is not as critical as air flow right now. Getting noise and remembering how you got it is. Once you figure out how you made the noise then you can begin to move the tongue and apply different pressures to make it sound different. Try to open and close your mouth with every note or sound. I say oup or elp for the yelp. Keeping it in your mouth and practicing will get you there.
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