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Rookie question

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Default Rookie question

I'm getting ready to become a tradional convert after 25 years in the high tech trenches. I thought I would find the answer to this simple question in a post so as not to reveal my "green-ness", but no such luck. When shooting off the shelf, is there a feather orientation that provides the best clearance, such as 4 o'clock, 8 o'clok, with the cock feather up, or does it matter? Also, I've been told that on bows with flat shelves as oppose to radiused that it helps to put a matchstick under the rug rest. Anyone tried this?
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Default RE: Rookie question

Most people orient the cock feather 90 Degrees to the sight window. Taht can be fine tuned depending on the amount of helical used. I like radiused shelves the best but I did have a Martin Hatfield with a flat shelf. I didn't use a match but used a piece of leather lacing to reduce arrow contact. It works. Dick

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Default RE: Rookie question

For me, the only difference I have seen in feather placement is feather wear. I have shot with the cock feather in and out, and saw no difference. Putting a toothpick, piece of leather, etc. under the rest on a flat shelf will help.


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Default RE: Rookie question

I am with Dick and LBR, Till today, I shot 3 fleached Cock out, and the bottom would contact the self and wear pretty good, but not fast enough to worry. and yes you can use a match stick or a small piece of leather boot string on the back 1/3 of the self should be the ticket.
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Default RE: Rookie question

ODR, I almost forgot to say this, but don't be bashful about asking questions. Heck, we all had to learn, and asking folks that have been there is a lot easier than learning it all the hard way. If you have a question that you aren't comfortable posting, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. I don't claim to know all the answers, but I'll be happy to share what I know.


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Default RE: Rookie question

I almost forgot about the toothpck trick. thanx for the remider.

but I have played around with cock feather out and in and i didn't see a difference in flight. like the others said just wear- were the feather would ride. But in general I think most 3 fletch shooters shoot cock feather out.
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Default RE: Rookie question

I have to agree with Chad and I just hate it when I have to say that. I shoot three feathers with cock feather in/out and in between and have found no difference.

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Default RE: Rookie question

Actually, I believe Fred Asbell recommends shooting your arrows cock feather in every few shots just to make sure there is no difference should you in haste do so in the hunting field.

I have likewise found little difference except for wear on the feathers and regularly mix cock feather in during most shooting sessions and stump shooting.

Dave ><>

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