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Rookie Question?

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Default Rookie Question?

I was wondering if you can use a reloader powder throw to measure balck powder and just put them in speed loaders? Will it measure the volume the same as the thompson center black powder measure for $20. Anyone that can help thanks.
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Default RE: Rookie Question?

Don't do it unless you shoot real black powder. Smokeless powder dispensers measure weight, whereas with bp substitutes you are strictly measuringvolume. What you can do is find the average weight of a volume measure of BP substitute, and you can then use your smokeless powder measure after you've found that weightout
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Default RE: Rookie Question?

If you could get the right volume of powderin the bar when you throw it I see no reason why it would not work. Just remember to measure by volume not weight... Also you have to know exactly what load your rifle likes so you can throw the right charge..

Personally there are cheaper powder measures out there then the $20.00 Thompson Center model that do a real fine job... You can even use old shotgun shells as a powder measure. Measure out the powder you want to throw and then cut the plastic off the shell to cut a level charge in the shell..
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Default RE: Rookie Question?

black powder measures are pretty cool

to me they are part a the fun o muzzle-loading

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Default RE: Rookie Question?

you can but these 2, as i no longer need them..
up to 120 grain measure and bp holder..

make me a offer

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Default RE: Rookie Question?

ORIGINAL: savagescout

I was wondering if you can use a reloader powder throw to measure balck powder and just put them in speed loaders? Will it measure the volume the same as the thompson center black powder measure for $20. Anyone that can help thanks.
Youcertainly CAN set a regular powder measure to throw a specific VOLUME of black powder or aBP substitute. (The scale on a measure may be calibrated in grains, but it actually measures powders, smokeless or otherwise, by VOLUME!!) However, I would NOT use one that had any iron, steel, or plastic components for such a purpose. This is due tothe possibility, however remote, that such a measure could cause a spark or a buildup of static electricity in the plastic hopper, that would ignite the powder in the hopper.

I believe there are powder measures that are made specifically for measuring BP out of brass parts. I think Lyman made, or may still make, a No. 55 measure frombrass for this purpose.....

From a Guns Magazine Feb. 2003 article by Jim Gardner:

Until recently, I measured my black powder charges using a dipper, then poured them through a long drop tube. The process produced accurate ammunition, but was painfully slow.

"This all ended when I acquired a new Lyman No. 55 "Classic" powder measure. The Classic is adapted to both smokeless and black powder use. In addition, an optional 24-inch drop tube attaches directly to the measure.
[/align]The principle difference between the No. 55, and the No. 55 Classic, is the use of a non-sparking brass insert (in which the rotor revolves) and a hopper made of aluminum to avoid static electricity buildup. The hopper will easily hold one pound of powder, great for loading those cavernous .45-120s.
I was pleased to see this brand new Lyman measure is just as nicely made as my 30-year-old specimen. If you need a measure for smokeless or black powder use, you can't go wrong with the good old No. 55."
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Default RE: Rookie Question?

I also agree that the standard measures should be avoided. I just had similar discussion with another poster who said that all the stuff about not using standard measures was just internet bunk. Personally I don't believe that. I have a close friend that works in a goverment explosives development program and his cans of black powder at home all have a ground strap on them. I think that might just be a little much; but this guy seems to be pretty knowledgeable and works with explosives for a living. I try to be very careful about static electricity around real black powder. The synthetics are a lot less sensitive but caution is always nice. I remember taking caps apart as a young experimenter (to make fireworks) and when using an exacto knife to remove the cap "powder" I managed to set off the pile I had been accumulating. Didn't have any eyebrows for a while. I am a lot more cautious now.
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Default RE: Rookie Question?

I have been weighing my Ml charges for a number of years on my RCBS beam scale. First you must come up with an average for the volume you want to shoot. For this I use the standard volume measurement devices, pour 10 by volume weighing, record and average. Once I have a weight I then use theslow approachbut highly effective dipper and trickle measurement. Considering how many charges I throw for my ml at a given sitting, I don't find it painful. Works well for me, though it isn't going to save you from buying accessories.
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