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Arrow tuning help!

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Default Arrow tuning help!

Well, I shoot 53# at 29" with my Martin Savannah. I found a good flying combo of 2016's at 30" with 125gr pointsand seem to fly great. My nocking point is 1/2 over center from my rest. I shoot a flemish dacro 15 or 16 strands.

I really want to shoot cedars. So I have a set from 3R archery. On there charts and suggestions, I got 60-65 port cedars. Ok, so I leave em at 32" and put on 125 points. But when I shoot they seem to fly straight but flip up little after launch (nock up point down). I figured I would have to cut down to 29.5" or 30". Can a flp up be a sign of clearance issues? Where the arrow's paradox is not enought to clear the rest so the feather hits? I guess the easiest thing is to change nocking point. I really don't want to pull the feathers off to bare shaft. I figured I would get a nock flying to the left.

Any ideas?
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Default RE: Arrow tuning help!

Lots of variables..... Try changing the brace a little at a time and see if it disappears as the nock point changes.....

Although I hate to, I always sacrifice a few of my dozen for bare shaft tuning.. I'd rather rip the feathers off a shaft or two and be done with tuning, instead of spending a week trying to fix it otherwise....

Good luck...
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Default RE: Arrow tuning help!

True. Your right. 10 dollars is a small cost.

One thing I learned. Wow, these cedars ~550gr, sink up in my 3d deer alot more than my 485gr alum. Also, my bow is dead quiet now.
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Default RE: Arrow tuning help!

Yep, nothing like a heavy wood arrow to shut a bow up!! Just ordered another set myself!!

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Default RE: Arrow tuning help!

You've got the nock height tuned to 2016's. Cedars are bigger diameter,and the cedars' nocks are probably a little thicker in the throat area,so that's going to make the nock point slightly lower for them. I'd say the nock being lower is causing the bottom hen feather to collide hard with the shelf and making the tail of the arrow bounce off the shelf. That's most likely why you're seeing the little up-flip when you shoot.
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Default RE: Arrow tuning help!

Thanks Arthur. I was thinking the same thing. Easton's and other tuning guides call for lowering the nock, but I realize there is a point were lowering can cause a flip up. Is that right? What your saying? I will move up. I need to get a good set of nock pliers, ones I got only put it on.

I ought to probably use floss. I was hoping to shoot both for the time being, but it sounds like thats not possible.
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