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speed questions

Old 09-08-2004, 05:06 AM
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Default RE: speed questions

I just set one up for a customer and at 26" draw and 60lbs using a 330 gr carbon he is reading 226fps. Different doo dads, and drawlength, but he is very happy with his setup because he can put an arrow quietly into the spot with no surprises time and time again. He is brimming with confidence.

Gaining speed is not a necessity especially if you have a rangefinder or pace distances, but remaining quiet and delivering acceptable KE is. Without making your setup unshootable you can still lighten up your arrow quite a bit and still maintain acceptable KE. You can also as others and yourself have stated "lose the tube". I would also can the leeches as they are extremely heavy and slow a bow down a bunch even when positioned properly due to their mass. I personally split a single cat whisker and then install them on each end of my bow---all I need for string noise.

I also wouldn't dump the nokset, tho you can swap for a tied in one. With a nokset (or two, one above and below the arrow) if you ever rip thru a loop in the field you can have one back on the bow in less than a minute and not lose tune. Without one, you are done. I always carry a spare in my possibles bag.

Some things are neccessary, others are not. Keep the bow as quiet as possible for hunting, and buy a rangefinder to make up any confidence lost from the thought of needing more speed. Put the arrow where it needs to go, and the rest will fall into place. Good shooting, Pinwheel 12
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Default RE: speed questions

I'll second what Pinwheel said about the nok set. I use a tied-on one as well and although I've never broken a loop, it could sure come in hand if you do. Also, just on a side note, if your new serving ever seperates slightly, as some doaround the point of arrow contact, by tying in a nok you can fill-in the slack and anchor the serving all at the same time. As far as a help in speed...probably not noticable or enough to even care about.

In a pinch, if your loop breaks, you can also place your release below the lower knot and fire away. You just have to take a few practice shots to see where your arrow is hitting, but in a pinch....out in the can be an option, especially if your nok is anchored down with a nok set....brass or tied-on. I also shoot with both loop noks together, and the tied in nok on top of the arrow.
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Default RE: speed questions

Sorry about not posting the arrow length it is cut to 29"
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Default RE: speed questions

oh ok yeah according to my calculations your arrow with 100 grain broadhead included would weigh roughly 460 grains. boy now I'm a little boggeled. Ok lets start with the basics since it sounds to me your string is to heavy with accessories, If you go with the bare minimum of string accessories, on your string you should have one brass nock point use a string D-loop stay away from solid D-loops made from aluminum, take those leeches off sounds to me they are weighing your string down a bunch I would personally use wisker style string silencers in some cases the whisker silencers have actually increased my velocity by 1 fps. asfar as a peep sight i would use the shurz a peep i mentioned earlier. that should bring your velocity up some. the only other option would be use a lighter arrow just dont go to light, with that setup an arrow weighing about 415 to 420 grains should get ya about 245 fps.

My setup is a Browning eclipse SL set at 60 lbs with a 31 inch draw, My arrows are 31 inch 2315 XX75 shaft that weighs 512 grains broadhead included, My string accessories are one brass nock point a string D-loop 2 whisker silncers a shurz a peep sight and a saunders kisser button. My bow cronographed at a constant 242 fps.

where are you at? if you live in Arizona I would be more then happy to get with ya help you one on one. I wouldnt call myself an expert but I have been doing this stuff for years, 12 years to be exact. I'm actually in the process of trying to open a Archery pro shop.
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