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Proudly Frusterated

Old 06-20-2006, 06:47 PM
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Default Proudly Frusterated

Hey fella's need some help. My new pup is doing great, one of the smartest dogs I've ever had. Unfortunatly, someone along our rural road has dropped some cotton tail rabbits (Former Pets). My pup is constantly on the hunt for these little pests.(about 20 of them now)He has cuaght a few and killed them. I don't hunt rabbit here in Oregon, and having a hard time teaching him to Whoa when he knows he can catch the little varmits! I also think I am hindering his hunting instinctby trying to shy him from scenting and pointing on them. If my pup knows I am in the area he will lock on point at them, if he thinks he can get away with it & I'm not looking, he's gone!...chasing after them trying to catch them. When I see this I start yelling Whoa!!!????? Trash!..Trash! No!but I don't want him to get the impression that scenting game and or locking point on somthing is bad?Im Iright or wrong here????
How do I teach to pick and choose what I want him to hunt and not hunt?
Should I worry about it? or let him continue and praise him?
Shoot the little suckers?
It is really a pleasure to see him work and point, but I don't want him locking on rabbits instead of birds when hunting in the field? (I included a picture of him at 8 months now)
The problem is, every time I let him out of our gate, to load up in my truckor just have him at my side while working in the field, all he can do is start to hunt for them every time I look away for a second! His mind is set!!!! I am constantly calling his name while he's off sniffin around the barn or neighbors house for the little fur balls? Good or bad?

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Default RE: Proudly Frusterated

Z boy,
It looks to me like your dog is doing exactally what it was bred to do. GSP's are versatile dogs fur or feather. I would be very happy that your dog posseses the prey drive for fur which I am sure is equaled in that for birds. As far as hollering "whoa" when he is chasing rabbits I would not even try to get a response unless you are in a position to inforce the command. (e-collar) Overtime the dog will learn that you don't care for rabbits if you don't shoot them out bird hunting. He will pay less attention to the fur and learn that his master is only concerned with birds. In any case shoot the rabbits because they don't belong there in the first place.
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Default RE: Proudly Frusterated

Ecollar but you need to be 100% I mean 100% that pup is chasing a rabbbit. If he gives chase give him stimulation but do not say a word. You want him to think the rabbit is what is biting him. Not you. My GSP is 6years old when she was about 1 year or so I was in the in the UP of Mich. She jumped a snowsshoe hare. I happen to be standing there in plain sight. She passed by in full pursuit. I gavve her full stimulation. She broke off chase looking like the devil got her. Was in Texas 2 years later my friends GSP jumped a Jack rabbit. My dog completely the other way.. Sh wanted no part of that rabbit...[/align]
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