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Default frusterated

Yesterday I was killing the bullseye. Today everything is all over the place! [:@]

Does anyone else ever run in to this problem? It is frusterating.....
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Default RE: frusterated

when I shoot by myself I do. I think i rush myself!
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Default RE: frusterated

No I Never Do!!!


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Default RE: frusterated

In my case, when this happens, it means I'm shooting too much. Lay off for a week or so (I know its hard to do), then try shooting no more than four shots at a time. I like to come down to one shot groups the last couple of weeks before hunting season. Get up early in the morning, go out in the back yard in the pajamas and slippers - fire one perfect shot. Put the bow away and go to work. Great therapy.
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Default RE: frusterated

I used to have this problem , until a wise man on HNI ( Rob/pa ) told me i should try taking a break . So i started shooting every 3rd or 4th day and problem was solved , you just need to stop shooting while the going is good or you start to look for problems that are not their .
Leave it a day or 2 and you'll see what i mean .
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Default RE: frusterated

It happens! If its a bad day, just stop shooting and try again the next day.
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Default RE: frusterated

seriously, I did when I had the X Force, but since the purchase of the Ally I have not. I only shoot like twice a week though.
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Default RE: frusterated

Sounds like to me you may have form issues. What I mean by that is, if yesterday you were driving nails and today you could not hit the broadside of a barn, you are doing somthing different. Either your anchor point is changing, you could be gripping different. Also, you could be having target panic. I think alot of people get this when they are trying too hard to be too exact. I know it is hard to so sometimes, but try relaxing the next time you shoot and shoot small numbers of arrows (2-3) in a group. Also, be sure you are looking at the spot you are wanting to hit and not concentrating on the pin. Burn a hole in spot you are wanting to hit with your eyes and just let the pin float instead of concentrating on your pin and holding it dead steady.
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Default RE: frusterated

This happens to me a lot and I have to say put the bow down. I used to shoot at least 20 arrows everyday after work but now I shoot only 12 arrows 3 times a week or less. This may help but to be honest with you tell yourself to have fun when shooting don't worry about it so much when you stop having fun things tend to go down hill.
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Default RE: frusterated

Calm down Swift, relax, take your time, and talk yourself through the shot process with each shot like its the only arrow your going toget to shoot.
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