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Questions about coyote hunting...

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Default RE: Questions about coyote hunting...


I spend very little time on this site anymore. However, I am on Predator Masters daily. I have hunted coyotes for several years, both for sport and animal damage control. Can you earn extra money from coyotes? You betcha!! This year the pelts are running anywhere from $12-$40. They can be sold on the carcass, which is how some buyers prefer them. Or they can be tanned or just salted and frozen (cased). It depends on how much time you want to put into them and how your buyer prefers them.

The best caliber for coyotes? That has started many flame wars on some boards, as most coyote hunters are passionate about thier sport. Personally I wouldn't use less than a centerfire .22 caliber (.222, .223, .220 Swift, etc.) And definitely not larger than a .25 caliber, (.257 AI, .257 Roberts, .25-06 etc) A .270 is stretching it and will likely cause a lot of pelt damage, depending on your choice of bullets. A .243 is a good round for coyotes, and is real popular.

Calls? Their are a large number of calls to choose from. You can go digital and spend as much as $550-$1200 or as little as $200. The remotes range varies with the price and go from 150 yards up to ΒΌ mile or more. You can also buy some cheap handcalls and be almost as effective. Ideally, using both hand calls and electronics at the same time can produce some great results. If you learn to call right. Knowing when to use which call and why or what your "saying" when your using it is critical.

As far as selling the pelts. Some good answers were already given. Check your local taxidermist for some local fur buyer numbers or websites. Also check your state wildlife agency, they will also know of some fur buyers. On the web, you can look into or run a search for fur associations.

BE WARNED!!!!! From the moment you shoot your first Bobcat or Coyote, you will be ADDICTED!!!! Predator Hunting is one of the most challenging hunts you will ever go on and one of the most rewarding!!!! No other hunting will compare once your hooked!!!

You have been Warned!!!


ORIGINAL: Michael J. Weigel

any help or advice would be great...

i am considering getting into coyote hunting to earn some extra $$$ (and get some extra hunting time too) and need info or directions to info....we have lots of coyotes here and nobody is hunting them....need info on/about good calibers, where to sell the pelts (green or tanned), what is a fair price for the pelt, calls (scents?), etc, etc.....?

i am have never done any predator hunting so any and all info is more than welcome....

thanks in advance.
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Default RE: Questions about coyote hunting...

Thanks Boared. This helps me out too. Now, If I can only decide between a .223 and a .243 ...[&:]
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Default RE: Questions about coyote hunting...

I agree with you... with one exception: It doesn't matter if you shoot one. The first time I had a coyote come running into a call I was addicted. As far as finding a local fur buyer, you can check out the magazine "The Trapper and Predator Caller". I think they even have a website and they have a list of local fur buyers. Or, as someone already said I think, check with a local taxidermist. Myself, I've used a Johnny Stewart electronic caller for years. Actually, this year it finally broke. The "Eject" button came off, but that's it. The digital calls seem to be the way to go though. I've noticed that my "Lone Coyote Challenge" tape is sounding a little funny, time to buy a new one I guess. The electronic calls I like, but sometimes a 'yote won't come in to one. I always carry a backup mouth call. Here's another tip for you: If nothing is working, try using a turkey call. I've had real success with them when the coyotes are starting to get call shy. I just start clucking softly, nothing like I would do during turkey season, just basic turkey chatter, and those coyotes tend to come RUNNING. Hope it helps!
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