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Default RE: Lee

My first set of Lee collet dies tended to cause a slight bulge in the shoulder, and therefore hard chambering. I promptly sent them back to Lee and they replaced them. I have since decided I may have had the die ran into the press a little too far. Just something you may want to check. is offline  
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Default RE: Lee

Except for one cartridge I reload for, the 7.65mm Mauser, I use the Lee collet neck die forall my resizing. I'd use it for the Mauser too except for the fact they don't makeit for that cartridge. I'll never use conventional neck dies again as long as the Lee collet die is available.

The only problem I've encountered with thecollet neck dies is that they sometimes come with excessive tooling marks and sometimes even burrs in the areas of the collet sleeve and collet "fingers" where they slide against each other. These areas are critical to the proper performance of this die. Therefore, when I buy the Lee die the first thing I do is take it apart and polish (using up to 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper) the collet sleeve opening and the tapered area of the collet "fingers". Then I apply a little dab of grease around the sleeve opening and reassemble everything. I have found this to guarantee proper functioning.

The only other Lee product I have is the Perfect powder measure. I think it does a really good job and is a real bargain. It looks and feels cheap, but it really works well.

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Default RE: Lee

i have used lee products for years and they load fine ammo.
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Default RE: Lee

My first lee was a lee load all for shotgun,,Me and my cous got them for christmas when we was around 15 and 16.I had the 12Ga and he had the 20Ga.. The price was under 40 bucks each and it came with variety of powder and lead shot bushings and was very simple to do...Just look at the chart and use the correct bushing for what kind of shotshells you wanted to reload... I am not sure if they still make them anymore...Buy for shotgun reloading and a novice,it couldn't get any easier to reload your own shot shells..Sounds like a christmas gift for my kids this year if they still make them...Have to go check this out now....
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Default RE: Lee

ORIGINAL: Challynger

Lee reloading products are pretty inexpensive compared to other brands. Is their stuff any good, or is it cheap junk?
I now have two sets of Lee dies and the next set of dies I buy will be Lee again. At least the dies are very good!
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