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Default Accutrigger

A quick question for those of you that own the newer savages with an accutrigger. Just for the heck of it I thought I would ask where you have yours set and if you are happy with it. Do have it set light, turned all the way up or did you just leave it alone and didn't bother pulling the stock off the gun to mess with it?

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Default RE: Accutrigger

All of them that I have are set as light as possible. Some of the non-varmint actions with the heavier accu-trigger, get a little spring cut to help lower the pull even more. 2 lbs. is what they are all close too.
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Default RE: Accutrigger

I set mine as light as it will go, which is still heavier than my Sako.
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Default RE: Accutrigger

I have mine set 1/4 turn above the lightest setting and it is just right (for me).

I had to adjust my trigger pulling technique with the Accutrigger. You HAVE to squeeze it from the middle and straight back. Just putting the pad of your finger on the edge will not fire it.
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Default RE: Accutrigger

I left mine where it was at from the factory. Its pretty good how it is. I'd say its in the 3lb range. I might lighten it up come spring when I start shooting more paper and p-dogs, but for coyote hunting this winter with gloves on its good to go!
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Default RE: Accutrigger

i have both of mine set as low as they will go. 1.5# on my modle 12 in 22-250 and 2.5# on my modle 10 in 243. the only problem i have is that i shoot them both enough that when i shoot my 10/22 i have to check to make sure that the safty is off on it beacuse the trigger pull is so heavy, haven't done a trigger job on it yet. lol

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Default RE: Accutrigger

Paul,I recently purchased a new 22 mag Savage rifle from a good friend or mine. I am amazed at this gun. It has no mods and can damn near make a one hole patten at 50 yards with a 3 x 9 scope. I did adjust my trigger to make it much lighter to pull. This is one thing about Savage that I really like. I'm still working on my 75 &100 yard accuracy.
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Default RE: Accutrigger

I own 2 savages with the AT - 17 hmr is set at 2# pull (as low as itcan go without spring mods was 1.5#) The other is a 10II ML and I adjusted it down slightly to 3.0#, which is whereI set/like myhunting rifles(Colder here so gloves are normal and I don't like the trigger lighter).

I have tested a number of AT equipped Big Gamerifles with my trigger pull gauge, ave. from factoryhas beenaround4#.Many of therifles I tested theshooter didn't touch the adjustment, however some didgo lighterand evena couple went heavier...boils down to personal preference.

The process to adjust the AT is very easy. A trigger pull gauge isn't required if you have a feel for what break point you like.Note IME with the factory savage tupperware stocks that do not have the action bedded and useful pillars installed one must pay particular attention to action screw torque if they care about POI shifts upon the next range trip. A torque driver takes the guess work out, however for someit isn't worth the investment so you can make a mark across the action screw and insert then count the revolutions it takes to remove the action screws. Same thing whenreturning the actionto thestock and your back. My 10II moves at least 2" if not torqued to the same area when removing the stock. The Ml's seem to be more suspect to this but my partners CF(bought last year) movedeven more whenno attention was given to torque. Both these rifles have beenbedded and new pillars installed, POI jumpingare no more upon removal. Just thought it maybe of interest for those who adjust their AT's then see a change in POI and think they did something wrong or blame equipment! Rambling..sorry[&:]
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Default RE: Accutrigger

Depends on what you are using the gun, benchrest,dog town set it light. Hunt with gloves or potentially shoot at a moving animal (coyote) you better set it around 4 lbs. Personally I'm thinking about switching mine to a Timney or another high quality trigger because I hunt in cool or cold weather with gloves. You have to feel the accu trigger and feel is not possible with gloves. I've missed some dogs with my accu-trigger that I've made many times with some of my other varmit rifles.
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