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Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

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Default Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

Kinda just out of curiousity - haw much have you guys who got them paid?

Saw a beautiful 20 gauge yesterday for $212. The metal was very darkand deep and the wood a very dark almost cherry looking. Most I've seen have been lighter colored in both the wood and the metal.

Will there be a 3rd in my locker soon?

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Old 08-19-2007, 07:54 AM
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Default RE: Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

I paid 220.00 for my ULSHD in 20 gauge 2 years ago.If you decide to get one, get the deluxe model.The laminated wood really sets the gun off nice.
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Default RE: Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

I paid $219 and some change for my Ultra Deluxe 12 ga, but I got it used at a local gun shop I trust. I didn't try to haggle on the price either. I traded in a few guns to get it and a scope and other stuff. They did me pretty good on the trade ins so I paid what the tag said. I think new they were going for like $280 or so. This is for the deluxe, not the standard brown wood version. And it's a small shop. Your price sounds about right, especially for a big chain store or something.

I think you should get a handy rifle instead.

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Default RE: Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

Thats a good price uncle matt.I would go ahead and
jump on that one as they go fast>The most accurate
slug gun I have ever owned.I shoot federal barnes
expanders really well.One thing I would do is reloctite
the screws that hold the base that the scope attaches
to.Just clean screws withalcohol,dry and reloctite.Mine
were not tight enough and made me waste ammunition
and had to remove scope and reloctite them.Hope this
helps some and good luck! Mike
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Default RE: Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

Man I love talking about these rifles. As I have stated in many other threads concerning this rifle, I have a 12 gauge Ultra Slug Hunter deluxe. I also traded another rifle in (Mossberg 695 bolt action slug gun), at a gunshop for my gun. Best trade I ever made. The 12 gauge was the only option when I jumped in, but would probably go 20 gauge in the same rifle now. I personally don't really need to shoot 400 grain bullets, the mid 200 grainers out of the 20 gauge will drop a whitetail just fine I am sure. A buddy I hunt with bought the non deluxe version prior to me getting one and upon seeing my deluxe for the first time, was really happy with my decision. I love the look of the multi colored laminated stock. Otherwise, they both shoot the same, he also shoots the Winchester Platinum tips. I don't think there is anyway to pay anymore than the upper $200 range for these rifles even the deluxe.
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Default RE: Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

I paid $220.00 for my H&R 12ga brand new a few years ago. Like Follower I too had a Mossberg 695 bolt slug gun...(I kept mine though).

I have shot both side by side and I can say the H&R shoots better. The Mossberg is lighter and hasthe ability for quicker follow up shots. For those reasons itwould be my gun of choice if I'm stalking.

The H&R on the other hand is heavy, with the bull barrelit's pushing something like 10lbs. I took the solid steel bar out of the stock. It's put in to tame the recoil but I don't feel any difference with it out.....exceptthe gun is now 2lbs lighter!

I mostly hunt from a fixed position so this is my gun of choice when I hit the woods during the gun season.I put a fixed 4 power Nikon scope on it and I have sighted it in at 100yds. I'm confident taking shots out past 150yd however my longest to date has been 143yd. Great gun for the money

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Default RE: Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

Forgot to add. I have read where people have been having trouble with shells ejecting once fired. The ejector gets stuck and it's a pain to get the spent shell out. I also experienced this problem with mine. I decided to smooth out the ejector thinking if it has rough edges this would help. After taking it about (A pin has to be driven out)I realized what the problem was..........Shavings!!! lots and lots of em! Apparently some guns weren't cleaned very well before assembly and metal shavings found there way into the slot where the ejector slides (under the barrel) I had it apart already so I did do some smoothing of the ejector but I cleaned out the ejector channel real good and I haven't had a single problem since.

If you have one and have had problems with shells ejecting this it the culprit. A simple cleaning will not get this done you need to clean the ejector assembly thoroughly and you may need to take it apart to do so. If you don't want to take it apart then at the very least a high pressure air hose should be used. You will be shocked at the amount of metal shavings that come out.
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Default RE: Alot of talk of the H&R Ultra Slug Hunters...

Big ji2 thats a cool looking gun. I hope to get that same one here soon.
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