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There's something about a gun store.......

Guns Like firearms themselves, there's a wide variety of opinions on what's the best gun.

There's something about a gun store.......

Old 06-21-2007, 02:04 PM
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Default There's something about a gun store.......

Things that I remember about gun stores, and you never forget, is the time you spend there. Yep, after spending three hours at Gander Mtn., you start to get nauseous, because of all the fumes that come from the guns, which have lubricating fluid in them, or solvent.

And, of course, the glorious mounts, POC Remington Model 710's clustered together so tight on a circular rack you think they could grow an orchard.
And all those corny hunting action figures hanging on the wall, and in the condition those packages are in, you could just say "They're not spring chicken anymore."

And, what would a local gun store be like without all thegorgeous high school girls, all Southern blondes, at the counter,and of course, the most revered thing of all, the rifles, shotguns, pistols, and ammo, with all sorts of camo that makes it look like somone blew the whole darn forest in there, and all kinds of paper targets, and all the junk that no one needs, but everyone buys.

And, there's always some conversation going on between two gun nuts there, one is a staff member, the other, a customer, and if you listen, they're talking your language, gun language, but it's never a topic about guns you tend to care about, these guys get so intricate, it's like looking at the elephant with a microscope, examining it's hairs that you can't see.

Then, there's just some good 'ol boys further down the counter, maybe a staff member that's one of those kind, and they're exchanging phone numbers, talking about how one of them's selling his old Browning "Sweet Sixteen" shotgun, and telling him to call him and come over and take a shot in the backyard with it.

That's what my gun dealersare like, and I'm proud of both of those places.

What's yours like?I know this is weird, but it may be an opportunity to practise you poetry, I guess, don't bescared ofit, think of this as kareoke, when you get called up, you sing.
It don't have to be fancy, just, if you click on this thread and read it, give it atry, Ididn'tdo to great, but that's just representing my gun store and my talent, how little it may be, just try it, it'll befun, besides, Ibet we all wonder what each other's gun stores are like.

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Old 06-21-2007, 02:39 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

Where is the gun shop with the girls at? Gander Mtn ain't no gun shop...and those "gun shop girls" are cashiers.

My gun shop is a high-end place. Sure we sell the standard fodder, the 870s and 700s, but our niche is the nice stuff you can't get at Dicks. You'll find we are the only Blazer dealer in the state, as well as the only Schmidt and Bender dealer. You'll see some old 21s, Fox's, Parkers, and some LC Smiths in the case as well. On the used rack, you can find everything from a worthless wall hanger to a dang near mind vintage 700 in 6mm Rem....orginal metal recoil plate and all....selling for the same price as a new one. On the wall.....African game, a few whitetails, mulies and antelope...and the monster 390 B&C elk the boss shot way back in the day when he worked as hard as he hunted. During the Holidays...you'll note a santa hat and garland around the big trophy. There will be Filson and Boyt and Browning and Beretta apparell for sale...its the only place for miles around that still carries 2.5" 12ga shells for all the old schoolers who rightfully will not have their English chambers reamed. The in house gunsmith is a hermit...and will not talk to you (he is busy working on guns)....but if you leave your gun....he will fix it...and it won't cost half of what expected and it'll take less time than you thought. If we don't have it....we'll find it...let you know how much it'll be and when we'll have it for you. Just leave a small deposit and your phone number...we'll call you as soon as it gets here. If you are looking for a used gun....leave us your number and what you are looking for. If one floats in....we'll call you.

Most importantly, if you need to ask questions, we'll take the time to answer them. Sure, if you want our opinions we'll give them, but most importantly we want you to make an informed decision. We'll help you through the ordering process for that new Dakota you are giong to be taking to Botswana for buffalo, and we'll suit it with a good scope right here in house while you fill out the paperwork once it comes in.

Thats sorta what the shop I worked at just after college was like. Wish I could of made enough money there to stick around forever. Work was fun, pay was decent enough at the time...and the boss let me cut off an hour early to go hunt his farm during the season (which was most of the year).
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Old 06-21-2007, 02:44 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

Nope, my gun shop I go to isn't Gander Mtn., I just visit Gander Mtn when I'm in Knoxville. I did only mention Gander Mtn. when it had to do with gun solvent stink.

The place I go to is locally run, one in Benton, TN, and the other in Athens, TN.
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Old 06-21-2007, 03:26 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

I wish I had a gun shop near me......Actually there is one down the road about 5 miles but it's a Gun and Bicycle shop. Heavy on the bike repairs if you know what I mean. I've been to few here and there but I think the one that I thought had the most character I think was called "Shooter's Supply" in Paducah, KY. Nice place, had a work bench behind the glass gun case, hand tools laying everywhere, couple of guys mounting a scope on a muzzleloader. Had a stuffed bear looked to be about 10ft tall, whitetail mounts everywhere, camo clothing. The place was just cool. Wished I lived closer than 4 hours away.
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Old 06-21-2007, 09:43 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

Anybody ever been to Grice's in Clearfield, PA.? One of the largest dealers east of the Miss. river. It's a big store, and if they don't have it there, it will be there in short order, usually. Don't have a used gun you're looking for? Very surprising. More guns on the used rack than most dealers have in stock as new.
Need a question answered? The counter staff is very friendly and will try it's best to help you.
I don't work at or for Grice's. I have just bought lots of guns through them, and have been treated like I was a special person each time. I get regular flyers about their sales, as do most of the big name places. They are a large dealer in a very rural area of rural PA. All the wizz-bangs ang gimcracks of hunting and shooting are available there, from tagets of all sizes to most of your advanced-grade loading equipment with knowlegeable people to explain it to you if you have questions.
I also deal with a local guy who is small and does what he can to satisfy my immediate needs for powder, primers, etc., but often has to special order bullets of some of the more non-standard calibers I shoot. God love him. He is out there doing a service for the local hunting/shooting public that only a small-town dealer can do, and he fills my basic needs just fine. He cannot, however, compete price-wise usually with the big guys. I buy from him when I can, but as I stated before, if there is a special on something I've gotta have, I'm heading North to Grice's. And the best thing of all, Grice's is only an easy 1/2 hr. ride from camp. How smooth is that???
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Old 06-21-2007, 09:49 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

Nevermind my originalpost. I just realized what POC stands for, which means we agree on the 710s.
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Old 06-23-2007, 12:49 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

I try to stay out of those damn places! It always costs me money whenever I go into one.......
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Old 06-23-2007, 07:05 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

I have 3 big gunshops within 5 miles of me: A Cabela's, a Gander Mountain, and a Sportsman's Warehouse. I browse and look at different guns, if I really want something I often go to a local FFL holder to order it for me- he charges me $15.

There are 3 or 4 other gunshops withing 20 miles of me. One of them is a huge independant sportshop which I like to buy from because their prices are good and they have real live gunsmiths that work there. Another place is run by a doddering old fool, the prices are high, and the one time I asked if he could order me a Stag AR-15 lower, he told me "No, but I have this nice Chinese SKS if you're interested"[:@] Another place deals in high end stuff- FN, Barrett, Colt, Ed Brown, Les Baer, machine guns, Emerson knives- its a fun place to look but I can't afford anything in the store.
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Old 06-24-2007, 07:28 AM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

There's basically two I go to. One is a small one that I've known the owner of for years. Doesn't carry alot of inventory and prices can be high on some stuff but he'll order whatever I need for 10% and get's it to me fast. Offers up his camp/property for me to hunt on too. Great place stop in an chat as there's always someone else in there doing the same thing.
The other shop is a big privately owned sporting goods store. They've got a LOT of firearms inventory- meaning 1000's. They have good clerks and a few that I'll avoid altogether. prices are either really good or a bit high but I have grabbed a few VERY good deals from there. It's almost an hour away so I don't get there just by being in the area. they've got a huge ammo and reloading dept also which is nice ifneed somethingifferent. best part is I can check thier used inventory online and have them hold an item for me untilI get there in person. Theyll email pics of their stuff too.

Now ifI really gotta get something and it's a pricey one and the extra 10% will hurt, I get it from my brother.
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Old 06-24-2007, 12:44 PM
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Default RE: There's something about a gun store.......

stupid question here. There is no gun shops around here for about 50miles. Walmart has the Leupold i want, is their something wrong with buying from their?
I Bought mine and my brothers guns their and we love them. Thanks

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Quick Reply: There's something about a gun store.......

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