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Default RE: RECOIL-RECOIL.....

I also am rethinking my view on recoil. Although I am relatively young, I now have arthritis in both shoulders so My .300 win mag is no fun to shoot. But I won't feel it when I have a shoot at a hog or deer. However I feel that you should practice with the gun you use to hunt with. So that means 20-50 shots per session for at least 10 sessions before I hit the woods. That is alot of .300 win mag or even .308. I have alevieated some of this by using a similar .22 to my hunting rifle (IE Remington 504 abd model 700, CZ 452 and the CZ550). this way I can practice all I want and not break my shoulder or the bank. Then I can switch to the center fire a month before seer season.
Also I find that sighting in from the bench is mych more painful than offhand shooting.
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Default RE: RECOIL-RECOIL.....

Frizzellr, you are right on the money about the PAST recoil shield. Some years back my gunsmith suggested that I get one of these to prevent injury to my rotator cuff. I noticed that my shoulder hurt like all get out aftera day shooting surplus 8mm Mauser. After getting the Field Grade PAST shield I found life at the range far more pleasant. It isn't about being tough, it's about preventing soft tissue damage to parts of your body that were never intended to stop battering rams like big bore rifles. PAST sells several thicknesses, Field Grade being the thinnest.

If for some reason I wanted to get a big boomer I would definitely invest in either one of the Magnum style PAST shields or maybe even a Caldwell Lead Sled. Recoild and muzzle blast are much less noticeable when hunting, but if you develop a flinch when you shoot you might as well stay home and watch the Outdoor Channel because you aren't going to hit much in the field anyway.
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Default RE: RECOIL-RECOIL.....

I have seen shooting vest with the PAST on. is that the same type ?
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Default RE: RECOIL-RECOIL.....

I've not seen PAST shooting vests, but they may employ the same recoil pad as their shoulder pads.

The type I use straps on over your shirt. Here's a link to Midway's site - - you can see what they look like.


Here's another link that shows some other choices...

http://www.midwayusa.com/ebrowse.exe/browse?TabID=4&Categoryid=9210&categorystr ing=655***688***
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Default RE: RECOIL-RECOIL.....

What about the R3.

What if seen from remingtons sites and the video trailer on there site, it seems very effective.
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Default RE: RECOIL-RECOIL.....

Past are the days of hunting with a 300 Win Mag or a 375 H&H Mag for me. To be a competent shot in the field requires practice at the range. I did not find it a pleasant experience shooting the magnums at the range. Consequently I developed bad flinch as a result which reflected in my field performance. Both calibres even "popped" a rib causing excruciating pain and a subsequent chiropractor’s bill. That damn 300 WM was an upgrade from my old Tikka 270 too. What huge mistake that was, as I rarely missed a shot on game with the 270.

The Ruger 300 WM was eventually replaced by the Ruger 30-06 and the Brno CZ 375 H&H Mag was replaced by the Marlin 45-70. That was 4-5 years ago.

The Ruger 30-06 has the laminated stock and is an absolute dream to shoot with Speer 165gn SPs at 2800ft/s. I have fitted a Decelerator pad on my Marlin 45-70 which made that rifle a relatively pleasant unit to shoot with 300gn HPs at 2000ft/s and 405gn cast lead at 1300ft/s.

From my experience, I have realised that the 270, 30-06 and 45-70, with the right choice of projectile, are more than adequate for all Australian game (bunnies to buffalo) in all conditions without the punishing recoil.
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