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Default RECOIL ?

I like to here from guys who shoot the 30-06 with 165 grain sp bullet
7mm-08 using 139 grain sp
I like to here your views on recoil between the above cal.?
I was thinking in going with the 7MM-08 Rem only for the reason too reduce recoil due to recent neck surgery
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

Heck,for deer sized game, the 7mm-08 is a fine round, whether you have had neck surgery or not...

Go with a full sized gun and good recoil pad and I bet it won't bother you...
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

Gas operated Browning BAR (.30-06) has less recoil than my .270.
Maybe look at the style / type of gun?
No experience with the 7mm-08...
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

The 7mm08 has a sweet light recoil.. I have had 2 of them.. Latest on is a ruger compact.. You wont be disappointed in the 7mm08
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

30-06 in remington 700 is no problem off hand or while hunting. At the bench for extended range time I always use a extra shoulder mounted recoil pad for everything except 22 and 243 due to the angle of the gun when bench shooting. Also make sure you use good hearing protection. I use foam plugs under my ear muffs and together they kill almost all sound. I found that 3/4 of myrecoil problems turned out to be noise induced flinching. Once I started using both plugs and muffs my groups shrank tremendously.Hope it helps.
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

I had cervical spine surgery Sept. 14th of 06. I was restricted until I begged the doc. to let me hunt with a promise of padding my shoulder. I bought a simms / limbsaver slip-on recoil pad and put it on my Rem. Model 7 -- 7mm-08 . It worked great. Killed 3 deer. I did take the pad off and try it. It was sharper, but manageable, though I still put the pad back on, it felt that much better. But for the cost, a slip on pad is a great help, and safety precaution. Back or Neck surgery is nothing to take a chance with.

But I have been shooting the 7mm-08 for 16 + years, and it is a wonderful deer round. I do have experience with other rounds too, as I also have and shoot .270 , 30.06, .308, .243 and muzzleloaders. The 7mm-08 is definitely the better round for your situation .... over the 30.06. Been there - done that. And yes thats is 165 gr. in the 30.06 and 139 gr. in the 7mm-08. Don't take a chance. I am reinjured right now, after being hit in a head on collision. on Feb 14th. I am back to seeing my Neurosurgeon, and everything in my neck and back hurts. ...... Probably facing another myelogram soon. Have numbness and tingling down both shoulders, arms and hands.

I am speaking from experience ..... don't take the chance of messing something up. and if you need any more specific information ... feel free to pm me. I'll help any way I can.

Good luck in your recovery....

God Bless


PS ... Muzzle breaks help recoil but they also kill your hearing very quickly. I had one and a few shots later it was gone. It hurt bad.... nuff said.
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

I have no experience with the 30-06 but I sure like shooting my 7mm-08. Makes for a good cartridge to shoot at the range...
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

A 30-06 firing a 165 grain bulletwill have about 70% more recoil than the 7mm-08 firing a 140 grain bullet assuming they are fired out of the same rifle.... IE: both shot out of a Remington 700 CDL.
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

ORIGINAL: bigbulls

A 30-06 firing a 165 grain bulletwill have about 70% more recoil than the 7mm-08 firing a 140 grain bullet assuming they are fired out of the same rifle.... IE: both shot out of a Remington 700 CDL.
I'm not sure the difference would be quite that dramatic. There's some good info here:

Lonewolf: If you want nice mild recoil in a rifle that packs enough punch for deer, the .243 Win. fits the bill perfectly. 1/3 less recoil than a 7mm-08, and, at least in my experience, performs just as well on deer as my now retired 30-06 used to...
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Default RE: RECOIL ?

If you like the 30-06 and are concerned about the recoil take it to a gunsmith and install a muzzle break. If your looking for an excuse to buy a new rifle the 7-08 would be a fine choice. I would pick a 243 but that is personal preference.
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Quick Reply: RECOIL ?

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