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First Time Coyote Questions

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First Time Coyote Questions

Old 09-23-2002, 03:25 PM
Fork Horn
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Default First Time Coyote Questions

hey guys i have never coyte hunted in my whole life ive did deer pheasant you know a lot except for coyotes. I have a.270 right now 22-250 is coming in febuary. Anyways my uncle said he heres coyotes at night a lot and stuff how would i go about going out in the day and tring to get one?? Also are they out all year or just usually a specific time like the rut would be for deer hunting ???thanx
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Old 09-23-2002, 04:07 PM
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Default RE: First Time Coyote Questions

Generally speaking, you will be doing nothing but calling. You have to make the coyote hunt you. Find a spot that looks promising, like a field between wooded blocks, areas near ranches, as well as creek bottoms. There are different calls that mimick different things, but most can be sorted into a few catagories. There are calls that sound like general prey, rabbit calls, smaller rodents (mice and rats), birds, and even a deer fawn works on occasion. Howling calls work mostly to let other coyotes know where you are or when they respond, where they are. I like to use this in the morning before sunrise to find the generall vacinity of a coyote and then work towards him with a wounded rabbit call. When you finally get one in close, try something like a mouse squeaker to get him those last few yards. Also, if you are close to a ranch, it never hurts to hunt close (with the ranchers permission, usually they will be happy to be rid of any coyotes nearby) to the cattle fields and with bait (various animal remains such as a dressed deer, even a still born calf if it is available. Hey, it happens and ranchers usually have some corner of their land to dispose of properly)if possible. If this isn't enough, I am sure you will get another response from the hunting forums, and probably more tips and tricks. I hope you enjoy, it is really fun and addicting. Especially if you like to hunt, it doesn't have a closed season (at least not in Alabama, check your local laws) and helps the local habitat.

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Default RE: First Time Coyote Questions

hi'ya bflem55,
well if you want some good reading on this subject then I recommend Bill's coyote hunting page....


Bill has a lot of good info on hunting yotes that should get you started right. Yotes can be hunted all year long because you are going after them through hunger..i.e, using a distress call of one of their prey. I like using a rabbitt in distress call, squirrel distress call, fawn bleat and also turkey calls. I only had to buy the rabbitt because I had all the other calls from my other hunting.... Primos, Lohman, Sceery & Knight&Hale all make a good rabbitt in distress call. You need to remember to use the wind much like in deer hunting since yotes can smell you from aways. Also camo is a must. Primos and Knight&Hale both make a coyote kit that comes with two calls and a video to help you get started and I think it runs around $25. Good luck to ya', Scott

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