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lightfield sabot slugs

Old 01-06-2008, 12:22 PM
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Default lightfield sabot slugs

I have 2 important questions, I have a 12 Gauge Browning BPS wiyth a interchangeable rifled choke. I have always shot sabot slugs with good results. I guy at a store told me that shooting sabots through a smooth barrel even though the choke was rifled was a waste and could damage the gun. Opinions?

Second question. I have always shot Lightfield sabots with good results but they are so damn expensive. Are winchester and Remington just as good?

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Default RE: lightfield sabot slugs

It won't damage it that I am aware of. I know brownings have an overbored barrel, but I beleive they are safe to shoot slugs out of. I think Mossberg 835's are the ones you can't shoot slugs out of. If you were shooting sabots out of a choke with constriction I might be concerned, but with a rifle choke they should be ok from a safety standpoint.

Whether it is a waste of time and money is purely up to you. If you are happy with the accuracy I guess it is ok. Some rifled chokes don't work to well, others seem to do ok.

I would try some regular rifled slugs and see how they work though. If they are just as accurate they are much cheaper.

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Old 01-06-2008, 03:31 PM
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Default RE: lightfield sabot slugs

As for the slugs messing up your barrel they could just like the Mossbergs. They both ahve overbored barrels and the slug was a chance of wobbling too much whyle in the barrel and getting stuck. Your really not saposed to shoot slugs in a overbored barrel but ive shot a few through ym Mossberg and never had a problem. You lose alot ov velocity because the air can excape around the slug but other then that ive never had a problem.
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Default RE: lightfield sabot slugs

I don't believe the brownings are overbored the extent that the mossbergs are. I think the mossbergs have a 10 ga bore and they actually say you can't shoot slugs out of them. Where as browning says it is perfectly ok to shoot slugs out of their smoothbore barrels.

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Default RE: lightfield sabot slugs

To answer your second question, are Lightfield sabots worth the money, I would say yes. A few years back I field tested Winchester, Remington and Federal using a model 1300 Winchester with a sabot 22" barrel. The range was 50 yards from a bench with an adjustable support. The shotgun has a Leupold 2-7X33 scope on it and was previously sighted in for Federal Sabots at 50 yards. The Remingtons shot about dead center on the bulland about the same with with Winchester. When I shot the Lightfields the grouped about 6" high over the bull all one on top of the other. Moving back to 100 yards, the Winchester and Remington shot about 4" low while the federal was 2" under the bull. With the Lightfields they were 2" high in a tight group. All the slugs shot well, but I believe the Lightfields will give you longer more accurated shots than the others. Oh and yes, I did wait between rounds for the barrel to cool down.
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