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My hunting buddy has a Barnett Rhino that he has had for some years and it shoots great with no issues at all! It is HEAVY though!!!
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OK.. new to Cb's. Bought a Barnett quad extreme 400. Took it back bcuz i didnt like the crank and the pin fell out of it. (was factory installed or by DUNHAMS <--( they SUCK) anyways.
BARNETTS CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS 100% SUPER AWESOME GOOD TO ME!!!!!!!! I decided to upgrade to the PENETRATOR, They (Barnetts customer service) had me my NEW PENETRATOR at my house and in my eager hands SUPER FAST! I had explained that my States season (MI) was soon to be open season for bow and that I was afraid I'd not have time to sight in b4 the opener. being handicapped with a bad back and other areas of deterioration I need the extra time to adjust to a new TOY. (guns & bows are NOT toys children...lol only to us that love them so)
Ive never shot other brand bows, but I am impressed with the Penetrator. Not to impressed with BOTH BARNETT 4x32 SCOPES Ive had now tho!! But I've heard the red dot isnt any better?
I read alot of typical complaints by ford and chevy bow owners..lol I expect that..
I WILL ADD.. BARNETT DOES have a 5 YEAR Warrantee! They ARE AFFORDABLE to us average Jo'Z... CUSTOMER SERVICE ..my experience with them was.. THE BEST IVE EVER experienced ANYWHERE with ANY PRODUCT! I seemed to actually ... Matter to them... like back in the olden days.. remember when banks used to give gifts ect to get you to put your money in them.. NOW THEY CHARGE US!
I'm glad you guys like yer expensive cb's. Maybe someday I can finance one.. AND... man I sure hope this thing dont blow up ibn my face!...LOL
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Originally Posted by ropaque View Post
Ill tell you what's going on here. All the guys with the high dollar bows are all bashing the Barnett because they spent so much money on their bows they are brainwashed into thinking if it doesn't cost a grand its "junk". I bought a Barnett jackal 2 years ago for my kids and the thing shoots awesome. I love shooting it as well as my kids. Yes one thing is it is a little big but definitely manageable even by my 6 and 8 year old kids. And all the people talking about Barnett's customer support, I called the other week about adding a cable slide to the bow and they were super nice and helpful and mailed me the slide and new cables for free. By the way the new jackal comes with the slide. I can buy 4 jackal's with a scope and four bolts each for the price of one ten point, chew on that. To all the guys talking Foo Foo on Barnett "STOP HATING!" sometimes cheap thing work well too. I am 100% happy with the purchase I made and if it broke tomorrow I would surely order another jackal before any other xbow. But I wouldn't have to" buy" another because its still covered under the 5-FIVE-I REPEAT 5year warranty.
I purchased a used Excalibur Vortex with the right (stuff package), Varizone scope, rope ****er, stringer, 6 firebolts, 3 Wasp Boss BH's, practice tips, string wax, sling, and the soft case from a guy on Ebay for $550. It was hunted with one season. It Arrived in like new condition. It didn't even look like it had been used. And it comes with a LIFETIME, I repeat, LIFETIME WARRANTY regardless of owner! SHOOTS EXTREMELY TIGHT GROUPS OUT TO 40+ YARDS. EXCELLENT ACCURACY, QUALITY, and VERY FUN TO SHOOT!!! And I trust it completely.... not bashing or hating, and it wasn't "high dollar" either. Got one hell of a CB for the price of a Buck Commander. I'm glad you are happy with what you bought. That is extremely important. I know I am. Oh, and did I mention the LIFETIME warranty?
Excalibur Vortex, Vari-Zone, DynaFlight Flemish
GT Laser II's w100gr Brass Inserts. G5 T3 Mech. BH's.
T/C Z5 Omega .50
Stoeger M3000 12ga. Turkey Tru-Glo Gobblestopper
Mossberg 500A 12ga. (Brush Gun)

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I got lucky I guess. I bought a used Barnett 2 seasons ago and love it. Accurate and fast. I never knew of all these issues before this website. Id be hesitant to buy one now based on everyone elses problems, guess I just got lucky
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Just thought I would put my two cents in! I bought a Barnett Jackal this year and have shot it approx 150 times with ZERO problems. I did have a problem out of the box with the scope and called Barnett. Within 2 days of the call I had a new scope. I have been very pleased with this CB and have had excellent service support for it. I dont know much about barnetts past but deffinitly think they are of very good quality and have top support for their product now. Just like any other big manufactures they may or may not of had problems in the past but I now know they are not like that. The Jackal shoots very accurate and not a single problem with it blowing up. Also I have dealt with companys in the hunting industry for years and know that if even half of the stuff in this thread were true barnett would be a company of the past due to lawsuits. I have observed in the posts though thast most of the faults are hear-say and 3rd party and not actual first hand people telling of their misfortunes with Barnetts. This is just my opinion from what I make of common sense and my first hand use of their product.
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see my posts in the quad 400 thread. The problem is that it's illogical to use anecdotal stories and apply that single story across the whole. That's just ridiculous.

A LOT of what goes on is this: operator error. A hunter screws up a shot and blames the bow, the bolt, the broadhead, etc. Kind of like if I shanked a shot on the golf course and blamed my driver. I mean, do people actually realize how ridiculous they sound when they do this?

I'm not saying Barnett's are the greatest bow on the planet. I've had great success with mine and have used the money I've saved to buy other things I need for hunting. That doesn't mean I won't look at another bow or try different things out.

But I also know I'm not going to cross any product off my list based on some anonymous Internet poster's bad experience with said product--or especially if that person blames the product for missing a deer.


Not saying it occurs here (I've seen no evidence of it yet), but here's another reality about the Internet world: companies employ hacks to traverse the Internet and start false rumors about competing products and puff up their own. If you don't think that kind of crap doesn't happen, I've got a bridge or two to sell you.
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Default Well....only thing to say is.......

I've got two risers boxed up and ready to ship back for replacement. Both strings on mine and my friends bows broke at exactly the same place.......the first contact point on the cams. I would be crazy to shoot them after a dry fire caused by a manufacturing or string defect. Nuff said.
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Bnett's claim to fame has always been cheap speed.
Illigitimus non Carborundum
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me and my dad bought hortons i love them and they have a lifetime limb replacement and my dads brand new was 300 and mine used witha case and 6 bolts was 200 and in the past month we have killed two with mine my dads came with 3 bolts and a quiver and a 3 dot red dot scope
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It depends on which forum you ask.
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