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Freezing that meat

Old 01-08-2002, 11:38 AM
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Default Freezing that meat

I don't know about the rest of you.
I have been using a home Vacuum Machine for 20+years now. FoodSavor sells them. I think Cabella's (mag) offers a model that is better quality than the best one FoodSavor puts out. I've worn out two - - - rather they quit working. I'd buy the best I could buy. STOP freezer burn......
It isn't cheap to do any of this stuff by the time you buy the equip. and supplies like different plastic roll sizes.
To me it is worth owning. Whether it be that duck, goose, deer meat, - - - I bought a half hog last week for 87 cents a pound.
Compare that to $1.79 a pound for that pork roast.
I'm always using my Vacuum Machine to preserve foods. It extends Freezer time by months without freezer burn. Reuse those plastic bags too.

When it comes to Marinating anything, oh yes, only way to go. DEEP PIT BARBECUING, I dump in all the veggies, meats, liquids and so on and seal it. Big long bag. Cook everything righ in the bag. A-Huh, much better and no mess.
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Default RE: Freezing that meat

BTW, I have all the different Vacuum container sizes and use them to no end.
e.g. I made Duck Confit a couple weeks ago.
Put the meat into a container, vacuum sealed it and into the fridge it went.
That meat will last 45-days as I use it up with different dishes.
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Default RE: Freezing that meat

I've been using a Food Saver vacuum sealer for about 4 years. For the past 15 years I have been butchering my own game and when I used butcher paper, no matter how careful I was, I always ended up with some freezer burn. Using the vacuum sealer I even have found a package of 2 year old venison that got shoved to the back of the chest freezer, cooked it, and it was still great.

I also like using mine for fish. I like to go salt water fishing a couple times a year and when I do I love to bring some fish home. I used to freeze the fish in water, so it would keep, but those blocks of ice took up alot of room in the freeze. With the vacuum sealer I can freeze whole or fileted fish in 1/3 to 1/2 of the space need before.
Oh yeah, everything I marinade is done under vacuum. the marinade really penetrates the meat.Mmm Mmm good.
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Default RE: Freezing that meat

Thanks for the post, I've always wanted to know if those things worked. What is the approximate price range on those things, especially the ones you recommend. If you have a few pounds of meat that doesn't spoil each year than it would probably pay for itself in no time.
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Default RE: Freezing that meat

I also have a foodsaver and love it.
I do all my wild game,also we buy chickens several when it is on sale,I cut it up and put the different parts together and seal them with the marinade in them.

go to and you can see all the different ones and the prices.

I am not a hunter I am a whitetail population reduction specialest

remember keep your back to the sun, your knife sharp, and your powder dry.

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Default RE: Freezing that meat

Ahhh, I'm back from 2 - 3 days of a cookout and squeezed in some varmint hunting as well.
We'll go out later today for more coyote hunting.

I read your POST.
The Foodsavor professional II, sells for $275.00 from a Cabella's Mag.
Cabella's also offers another brand for vacuum sealing. It sells for a few bucks more. If my last vacuum unit does a number on me, I'll get that one. It just looks bigger and better to me. <--- good very reliable source to buy kitchen gadgets & supplies.
Foodsavor Designer Cannister Set $19.95,
is definately worth buying. So is the smallmouth jar sealer (if you have canning jars & lids around). The bigger square vacuum cannisters, mine are a pain in the butt. Factory replaced them once. I hope others have had better luck with them. I sure haven't.
I use mine for so many applications, oh yes, it is a godsend gadjet to have around for me.


Snug down real good on that stock and shoot straight
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Default RE: Freezing that meat

They are great. I use mine all the time. My butcher vacum packs the meat.
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