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In need of some duck recipes.

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Default In need of some duck recipes.

Looking for some wild duck recipes. My wife isn't a big fan of the game taste, so any recipe that you know picky wild game eaters enjoy, would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Chunk the breast up into 1" cubes, soak it in soy sauce. put it on a toothpick with a slice of water chestnut and a slice of mushroom. Wrap a piece of bacon around it, sprinkle with brown sugar and put under your broiler in your oven. I haven't found anyone yet who can stop after the first taste. (of course it's even good if you leave the duck out )

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Another wrap-in-bacon recipe:

You'll need some salt, pepper, brown sugar, garlic powder, red pepper...just whatever you like. Also a jar of sliced jalapenos and a green bell pepper and some bacon. And toothpicks.

Clean your duck/goose breasts and soak 'em in the fridge about 12hrs in saltwater with just a little garlic powder and chili powder, cayenne, whatever you fancy (a little dash of the extra spices mostly just helps give them a good smell when you're working with 'em). Take 'em out, wash 'em off. If you haven't already, de-silverskin everything. Now cut about 1" squares about 3/8" thick. And you don't have to be neat.

So you got your chunks of meat, time to spice them. I'm a believer in brown sugar so the first thing I do is mix some up with the meat; then threw in some garlic and chili powder, some pepper, maybe a couple other things....gave it a splash of jalapeno juice and stirred it up. Give it a wait for 8-12hrs or so, stirring an extra coupla times.

Now, you can slice up a green bell pepper into about 1/2" squares. Stick a chunk of meat on one end of a toothpick, then throw a jalapeno slice or two on, then another chunk of meat, and sandwich both ends with a piece of green bell pepper. Give 'em a bacon wrap (you can use as much or as little as you want--they'll taste good without it too) and either put 'em on the grill or bake them. I opt the grilling route.....when they're done, if you like, baste just a light amount of mild BBQ sauce on there and let it heat up a few extra minutes. Cheese also would not suck melted on these.
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Trust me... My gf was VERY weirded out about trying duck, but once she tried this recipe, she was hooked.. and i mean HOOKED. This was a previous post from a while back of mine.

This works primarily with ducks for me, but it will work with any type of bird. But i'm tellign you gentlemen, this is the best way i've EVER cooked duck. I've even had queezy co-workers weirded out about eating a hunted animal begging for more of this!

What you'll need:
-however many duck breasts, off the bone
-bottle of soy sauce
-bottle of maple syrup
-brick of cream cheese
-jalepeno slices (optional)

1. combine an even mixture of 50% maple syrup and 50% soy sauce (thin out the soy sauce a little by adding some water so the outcome isn't too salty). marinade de-boned duck breasts in the mixture for 2 - 2 1/2 hours covered and refridgerated. flip breasts in the marinade halfway thru. SAVE THE MARINADE!!

2. cut each half breast in half(each duck breast will provide 4 smaller bite-size pieces).

3. butterfly fillet each piece and stuff with just under a teaspoon of creem cheese (or stuff as much as you can without it spewing out) add 1-2 slices of jalepeno if desired.

4. wrap each duck bite nice and snug with 1 slice of bacon. completely wrap around all 4 sides of the duck to cover all openings of the duck and secure with a toothpick. this will help keep the cream cheese stay inside the duck instead of it seeping out the sides while cooking.

5. slow cook on the grill with grill cover on under low-medium heat until bacon is cooked on the outside, but not crispy or burnt. pour spoonfuls of the marinade over the duck bites throughout the course of grilling them. i usually pour a spoonful over each bite after every flip on the grill. also careful while turning as to not squeeze the bites too hard and lose all the cream cheese in the middle.

6. ENJOY!! I'd really like feedback on this recipe if you guys happen to try and let me know how you like it. This really is an amazing combiantion of flavor with an unforgettable outcome. You guys will love it!
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Your best bet for duck recipes is to just scroll back on here( a long ways). There are lots of them . Any other recipe for that matter.

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Cut up into about one inch chunks. Soak in white cooking wine and a little bit of ittalian dressing. Put on skewers with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. I always serve it with white rice. Everyone I have cooked it for loved it.
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I have cooked this for many years but just repeated it last Saturday night with great success. The quantities can be scaled as appropriate for more people. I like to serve a mixture of white rice and wild rice (2 parts white rice, 1 part wild rice) as well as peas with this.

To serve two adults:

2 whole duck breasts (4 deboned half breasts)
1/4 cup minced red onion
3 minced cloves of garlic
1 tablespoon dark brown sugar
1/2 cup beef broth
1/4 cup bourbon whiskey (I used Wild Turkey)
1/3 cup heavy cream
2 tablespoons of butter
1 tablespoon of olive oil

1. Reduce the broth and whiskey by boiling to about 1/3 to 1/4 their initial volume.
2. Salt and pepper the duck breasts on both sides. (I pluck and freeze whole ducks so I can choose to roast whole, which I also like, or handle as in this recipe. Thus, I will also remove the duck thigh and drumstick and prepare with the breasts.)
3. Melt butter and mix with olive oil in skillet (oil keeps butter from burning easily).
4. Sautee the duck breast about 4 minutes per side on moderately high heat. The duck breast may be lightly pink when it comes to the table.
5. Remove the duck breasts to a heated platter or to a warming drawer.
6. Add the minced garlic and onion to the skillet and sautee for about a minute.
7. Stir in the dark brown sugar.
8. Add the reduced broth and bourbon liquids. Stir to make uniform and consistent.
9. Add the heavy cream. Boil while stirring until the desired thickness is achieved. Salt to taste.
10. Serve the duck breasts on serving plates and the sauce in a sauce bowl.

This quantity of sauce is fine for two whole duck breasts and likely enough for three whole duck breasts (6 deboned halves). I like to serve a light red wine with this, such as a Spanish rioja red wine. I will also serve some rice made with about 1 part wild rice and 2 parts white rice. I cook the wild rice in beef broth or venison broth for about 45 minutes. I then add this rice with just a bit of the broth in with the white rice. I add the quanity of liquid that is normally used to cook the white rice, and then I cook up the white rice and wild rice together. There is a timing offset between these -- white rice cooks in 20 minutes; wild rice is still very chewy and hard after only 20 minutes -- hence the pre-cooking of the wild rice.
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I don't have my duck recipes handy, but make sure the skin on the breasts are scored in a diamond pattern, such as for sauted breast start sautee skin side down, and duck needs to be cooked to medium rare.
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I make duck bacon.
5# ground duck or goose breast. ( I usually freeze cubed breast meat first so when it thaws it leaches the blood from the meat. Then I add 5# course ground hog jowl and a package of the Hickory Bacon cure we sell. Mix it very vigorously for about 7 minutes until it becomes sticky then form into 2lb patties let sit over night in refrigerator uncovered. In the morning remove and place a house fan directly on them and bring them to room temp keeping the fan on high until a dry wax like crust form on the outside. Place patties in the smoker and smoke 6 hours start with low heat (120 degrees) and slowly raise temps over the 6 hours to finish them up when they reach 145 degrees internal temp. set them out on counter until room temp then place uncovered in the frig overnight. In the morning slice across the pattie in thin strips and fry like regular bacon. (If the bacon is crumbly when you cook it then you didnt mix it hard enough,and if it is a bit chewy or rubbery you over mixed it.) Be sure you time your mixing so you can adjust next time. is offline  
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I just ate my last bit of duck and goose today for the Packer game. I'm leaving for North Dakota Wednesday night and will be back Monday night. I'll have to try out some of these recipes when I get back! Thanks for sharing.
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