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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

Chiggers suck!!!! If I am able to take a hot shower as soon as I get home from hunting or Disc Golf I won't get the chiggers as bad. Most of the time I'll get like one or 2 bites and thats much better then 20-30 on each ankle like I had earlier in the year. After the hot shower I will wet my ankles and waistline down with rubbing alcohol. Before I get done with a hot shower I will put my feet together and face the shower and direct the water to my ankles and turn the water as hot as I can stand it for as long as also. Doing so will weaken the ich when you already have the welps.

from B&C Wanna B "I had the unfortunate oppurtunity to feel the wrath of chiggers on my berry pouch"
I too have had that experence many times. The chiggers loved me as a kid, I HATED THEM. They would last for a week and durning that week I couldn't do anything with out feeling the inch and hurt. Nothing is wose then haveing them there...... NOTHING.

Last bit of advise, DON'T ICH THEM If you do they will last for at least 2 weeks. If you don't ich them the ich will be gone with-in a week.
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

I just moved to Oklahoma a couple of years ago and had the same thing happen to me while riding my 3 wheeler last summer. I have had chiggars before but I have never seen them as bad as they are here (they seem to leave much bigger bites and they are more plentiful). I did not even stick my big toe in any fields this summer, I just stuck to fishing in the lake for entertainment. When I started setting up my tree stands and cutting shooting lanes to get ready for the season a couple of weeks ago, I would go out to the barn in my shorts, take off my watch, and spray down completely with deets on my bare skin. Then I would spray down my camo shirt and pants after I put them on. Then I would spray down my socks. Then, when I put my boots on, I would spray down in them and up my ankle and legs and all around the tops of my boots. Finally I would spray my hat and spray a little in my hands to rub onto my face and neck. I know this probably sounds extreme and you will go through a lot of deets like this but so far it has worked pretty good. It worked great the first 2 days, then on the 3rd day I spent about 6 hours in the field without reapplying the OFF and I got a few bites, still it's better than the misery of being covered with bites.
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

you need to spray your clothes, underwear, socks w/ permanone or any repellant w/ permitherine in it. its TOXIC to the chiggers. i find that clorox works great while showering. also, make sure you wash your bed sheets immediately in hot water. i am sure they are on your bed. good luck
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

Ditto on the permanone. Treat your early season hunting clothes with this stuff (find at Wally world, BP etc).
It lasts about 2 weeks for one app. I have watched ticks do a hot foot dance on my pants while hunting once. Made my a firm believer in the stuff.

Once on opening weekend of Bow season here in Missouri I found an old ground blind that was built at the base of a tree and had three sides built up about 3' high with cedar limbs. I jumped into the pile of leaves that had formed in the blind and wiggled down into the leaves so they covered 85% of my body.

Well needless to say the chiggers ate me up. could not count the bites, aroound circumference of my boot line and waist band. Some of the buggers even got to my "berry sack" as someone before metntioned.

To get rid of I used Chigger Rid. A nail polish like substance that has an anti-septic in it that has a slight sting to it when applied to half-rubbed-raw bites so beware and don't do like me and keep the stuff off your "berry sack"!!

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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

Great post Sharkey. Thanks
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

Walmart sells a cream called chiggrid. I used it on my son this summer and it worked better than anything else. The itching isnt from the chigger itself but from the enzymes it secreted into your skin while it was feeding on you. This enzyme liquifies the skin around the chigger so it can feed. Chiggers dont stay in you for long. Usually by the time the itching gets bad they are done feeding and out of you. Usually within 24 hours. The itching continues on for a week or two. Try the chiggrid.
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

don't do like me and keep the stuff off your "berry sack"!!
Never did that. OUCH!!!!!
I laughed in pain when I read that.
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

That must stink.[:@]
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

went out last week squirell hunting and had to go through a thicket of grasses and brambles to get to my honey hole. this stuff is usually cut down but it wasn't. my friend went there a couple days prior and got ate up. so i new the cosequenses. i sprayed my whole body ,cloths, socks,boots everything with deep woods off unsented of course and never got one bite.knock on wood. but it worked. i waded through this stuff chest high and not one bite. hope this helps
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Default RE: CHIGGERS!!!!!!

The little buggers got me this past weekend and I'm itching like crazy! Went out to cut the shooting lanes to several tree stands. Wanted to do it at least three weeks before the season. Anyway, when I got home, I noticed my legs starting to itch. Thought it was skeeters, but nooooooooo, it them damn chiggers. Going to have to spray down on opening day.
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