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what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

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what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

Old 03-11-2004, 08:06 PM
Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

Hey Robinhood, Did your partner say anything about it raining rocks? If you hit what you were throwing rocks at, it may have turned out to be a griz.
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Old 03-11-2004, 10:15 PM
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

I got up in my tree, pulled my camcorder out of the ziplock bag, set everything up, and then settled in for what I hope would be a productive day. It was a particularly cold day and I started getting cold pretty quick.

As it usually goes, no matter how many times I go to the bathroom before I get in the tree, I always have to go while in the stand. Realizing I was going to have to move quick to stay warm, I reached for the Gatorade bottle that was usually in my pack. However, I couldn't find the bottle!! By now I really had to go but I didn't want to leave my great spot. Peeing over the side wasn't an option either so I started fumbling through my pack to see if there was anything else in there to pee into. Then I ran across the ziplock bag that my camcorder was originally in. That would have to do!

So as I am peeing into the ziplock bag, I start hearing something like rain and I realize there's a dang hole in the bag and a stream of steaming pee is hitting my leg. Then just as luck would have it, I hear something that turns out to be a doe coming my direction from out of the woods. Dang! I have everything hanging out and a ziplock bag full of pee that is leaking all over the place. What the heck am I going to do? All I could think of was to try to sit the bag of pee between two limbs and then hope I could get my bow and a shot off. With my barn door open and Stanley starting to get frostbite, I slowly reached for my bow. But then I hear a splash sound like a water balloon and realized that the bag of pee fell. The doe ran off.

It really wasn't funny at the time!

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Old 03-11-2004, 10:29 PM
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

Darren, all I can say is, I be that really stunk, huh?
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Old 03-12-2004, 09:36 AM
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

These stories are great, good thread.

My story really doesn't compare, but while we are BS'n.

My hunting bud can not sit still for nothing, he always walks around. I watch through my bino's as my bud decides to walk to a 'better' spot. As he is walking through a cow pasture I get on the radio and start making the MOOOOO sounds. This perks the cows up pretty good. They of course think they are getting fed. The cows suround him. That was the start. Next, he gets to the next timber, and I notice that some nearby dogs are on the other side. He doesn't see them. I start barking on the radio. The dogs make a beeline towards his position. now, one dog is notoriously mean. This dog had my buddy treed for about an hour.
my story, I guess you had to be there.
one more---
I was hunting on on a piece of land only accessible by a boat. I told my partner that when he comes to pick me up that I will shine my flash light at him. Apparently we were not the only ones with this plan. Its dark, I hear a boat, so I shine my flash my light and the boat pulls in. I throw my tree stand in the boat. wrong boat. Wrong guy. at least the guy in the boat thought that this was funny.

deer destroyer
Its not funny to very many people to shoot anything in the face. Grow up,
and show some respect to the game you are hunting.
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Old 03-12-2004, 10:13 AM
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

This one pertains to hunting but not during a hunt. My wife used to attend culinary school in Pittsburgh. Well, one day while on the phone with her I informed her that I was going out dove hunting. At this she told me,"Why don't you just come out here and hunt, we have huge doves out here". Well, needless to say I was a little confused and didn't think much of it. That is, until I went to visit one weekend. As we were walking down the street a flock of birds took off in front of us. My wife turned to me and said "see, I told you we have big doves in Pittsburgh". All I could say to her was "Wow, do you think I could talk that guy on the park bench feeding those PIGEONS to come back home with me and lure some in!". She just turned all red in the face and said "oh, so they are pigeons, not doves". . To this day when dove season rolls around she'll ask me if it's time to go pigeon hunting yet.
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Old 03-12-2004, 11:05 AM
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

Opening day of turkey season several years back my father, grandfather and I were hunting on our farm. We got a couple of birds fired up on my uncle's land down the creek (my uncle lets a couple of guys hunt on his land and they are nice uns). After we got setup I hear those guys on my uncles between us and the birds. The birds skirted around them and came our way but all of a sudden got quiet. Next thing I know this huge gobbler comes by us in a hurry but is out of range. After he is gone dad asked me if I moved so of coarse I tell him no and accuse him of moving. About that time we hear the bird gobble way behind us down the creek. We decided to go up the creek and see what those guys on my uncles place were doing. When we got near to where they were I saw something on the ground that looked like somebodys clothes. On further inspection I noticed there were turkey heads sticking out of them (like something right out of the twilight zone). They had decoys wraped up in brand new purple sweaters!! They walked up to us and started talking but I decided not to ask anything about the decoys. Finally they told us that a buddy of theirs told them that tame turkeys hate purple and will attack anything with purple on it the first chance they get ! He then talked them into putting purple sweaters on their decoys because wild turkeys will do the same thing (talk about an April Fools joke).They said 2 turkeys started coming down the hill and all of a sudden they ran off (go figure). I told him that it sounded like sound logic and wished him luck with his setup. Later on we decided that when the turkey gobbled behind us he was telling our decoy (Come on !!! They'll put a sweater on you!!!)

This one I'll tell because my wife loves it. My wife and I were turkey hunting one morning and I was going to video her. I called up a bird but my wife couldn't get her gun on him. The turk sees her move and takes off running. I fired a shot at him but it was through too much brush and I didn't hit him. After the commotion was over I was replaying the hunt on my camera. You could hear Yonk Yonk Yonk Cutt Cutt and then a faint gobbbbbbbblllllle. This repeated a few times and my wife said "You are going to call him back up with that thing" . Of coarse I told her that she was nuts, he wasn't going to come back after I shot at him. It was about that time I heard something walking so I turned off the camera and listened. I started looking through the brush and there he stood!!![:-] It was the same turkey coming back to the calling on my video. Naturally my gun was on a tree 10 yards away and when I tried to get it he ran off.
I guess that is a good thing because if I shot him I would be hunting with an electronic call which is illegal in SC.lol
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

It happened about 8-9 years. I had been hunting all day and it got to be about noon. I finally ended up at the base of a favorite pine tree of mine. Then the rumbling started and natured called. I had to go, so I leaned my shotgun up against a tree and took care of business. I looked up and before I could get my pants up a big doe came sneaking through the brush right in front of me about forty yards. So I reached for my gun, pulled up,(first I had to clear all the snow that was blocking the sights) boom and down she went. I started right for the kill, but I forgot one thing....to pull my pants up and I went face first into the snow(late November and about 20 degrees in NY) Man that was cold. I jumped up and pulled them up as fast as I could and looked around hoping nobody saw all this. I was lucky no one did, but looking back on it, I still laugh.
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

My elk hunting partner is a true redneck. His hair is nearly white so the day before we left on or elk hunt he dyed it black so the elk wouldnt be spooked. 2 days into the hunt somehow the dye made his hair go from black to purple!
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Old 03-12-2004, 10:07 PM
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

boone, you mean you did not even wipe?????????
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Default RE: what is your funniest thing that happened in the woods?

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