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3d targets vs. broadhead targets

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Default 3d targets vs. broadhead targets

I was resighting my bow today and at first I was using my broadhead target and I was having problems I couldn't get it sighted at all I was bouncing all over the place.Then I tried using the 3d target I was right on the whole time right in the heart area.I noticed I was much more relaxed.then I went back to the other target and I started doing the samething,the arrow was not going in the spot where I wanted it to go,then I went back to the 3d and I was perfect!! What's going on? Who has the same problem? I talked to a buddy and they told me that it might be target panic.But I don't know. I shoot really good at 3d shoots.Can someone give me any answers?
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Default RE: 3d targets vs. broadhead targets

Could be target panic. If you find it hard to hold on a small spot, you may be getting anxious and punching, assuming you use a release. On the 3D target you're not so concerned with being surgical. Granted we all try to pick a spot, but there isn't the small dot to look at. On your broadhead target try putting on larger spots that have lots of contrast. Black on white or vice versa. If your pin covers the spot, you're probably peeking to try to see the spot. Let the pin float around the spot, not hold absolutely still. I was also advised to (I use a wrist strap release, Scott 'lil goose) use the first knuckle rather than the tip of my finger. You can use this release with back tension, also. Good luck.
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Default RE: 3d targets vs. broadhead targets

sounds like a classic case of target panic. ive been there done that. if you're concerned about curing the problem then there are steps you can take to do so...however you said that you switched to a 3d target and were fine, so don't sweat it. spot shooting is pretty much a thing of the past unless you're shooting and indoor 5 spot round. if you need to correct the target panic you can do the following. and remember be patient, you're not going to correct it overnight.

1. temporarily switch to a pressure (triggerless) release like a &quot;staneslosky&quot;.

2. stand 10 yards from your shooting bail and draw your bow back get it somewhere on the bail then close your eyes and finish your shot. this will get you use to &quot;feeling&quot; the shot which is what you should do anyway.

3. repeat step 2 only keep your eyes open this time.

4. when you feel comfortable enough to move back to shooting spots start out @ 20 yds and use a 40 yd or a 60 yrd target (bigger spot). gradually work your way back to the appropriate target for the correct yardage.

and finally....typically the longer the yardage you're shooting the worse the &quot;target panic&quot;. you have to mentally condition yourself into knowing that fundamentally there is NO difference between a 20 yard shot and a 40 yard shot. after you've corrected your &quot;target panic&quot;, during your practice sessions...don't practice at 20 yrds. when im shooting 3d steady i don't practice at 20 yds. i typically will practice at 40 yds or farther. it makes the shorter shots seem simpler and builds your confidence.
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Default RE: 3d targets vs. broadhead targets

use the force :-P

become the arrow :-P

this may sound stupid....but do not think

do not think about anything but the not worry about back not worry about sqeeeezing the not worry about a 'follow thru' or any of the other mumbo jumbo the 'experts' plant in your head

all those things do is clutter your mind and cause un-needed stress

concentrate on the target and ONLY the target...everything else like the flight of the arrow and your sight will fall into your peripheral vision and become second nature with practice

** I almost got him but I refuse to take a marginal shot **
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