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Default Wind?

I have been shooting a bow for a while but just started bowhunting this past season. What is the rule of thumb for wind? When is or isntthe wind right? I know most deer travel against the wind to smell what is in front of them. (or maybe im wrong) any tips and info would be great. thanks.
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Default RE: Wind?

Phall, are you hunting flat terrain, rolling hillsor mountainous? The wind is a completely different creature in each.
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Default RE: Wind?

Shed33 makes a great point.

Deer don't always travel into the wind though. If they did there would be a lot less of them killed. They will usually approach decoys and things they are interested in checking out from down wind, but if they are comfortable they just move around as they please. Just like us there are three things that dictate their movements: sleep, food, sex. The trick is trying to stay upwind of them while they try to accomplish all of that.
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Default RE: Wind?

I think Huntingson meant to say "downwind" instead of "upwind". You need to analyze your terrain, and where the animals are going to travel from then make a plan to keep the wind blowing from them to you, which can be a real serious PITA in mountainous terrain. Other than that, I've never seen an animal purposefully travel into the wind unless they were approaching a food source or another animal/decoy they want to check out.
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Default RE: Wind?

Wind direction is definitely important!!! If you can become as scent free as possible it will not worry you so much when you are in your stand and the wind shifts directions. I have shot deer upwind from them and downwind from them. You have to be on a crossing route!! Being up in a tree stand also helps w/the wind.
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Default RE: Wind?

i hunt flat terrain, but it has bottems and a few hills.
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Default RE: Wind?

Most of the bucks I've seen travel with the wind,that way they can see in front and smell from behind. The important thing is to scout their travel routes they are comfortable using. They'll follow these paths regardless of wind direction. The trick is staying scent -free and playing the wind. I try to set up 2-3 stands pre-season in anticipation of a variety of wind direction on these routes and then try to be downwind of the direction you expect them to be moving.
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