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BowTech Mighty Mite

Old 04-07-2002, 09:33 PM
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Default BowTech Mighty Mite

With all the hype (deserved) on the Patriot I think alot of people are overlooking the other BowTechs, namely the Mighty Mite. I have and really like both. The Mighty Mite is set up with a Trophy Ridge 3 pin Flatliner sight, NAP Quicktune 1000 rest, Doinker stabilizer, Limb Savers, string loop and kisser button. Weighing 3.6 lb it is about 3/4 lb lighter than the Patriot. I personally like a little less, but not too little, weight. Having hunted upland birds for *5 years, don't want to give my age away in case Tiffany Profant is reading this, I tried shotguns weighing under 6 lb. Great to carry, terrible to shoot. I feel the weight of the MM is nearly ideal. For me at least. Heavy enough to be stable, light enough to carry without fatigue. At 31.5" ATA it may not be a target shooter's dream, but I think it's plenty accurate enough for any reasonable hunting shot. I'm a new shooter and am pleased to say the groups are as good as I can hope to shoot at this point. The first 2 broadheads I shot ruined 2 arrows. The second taking the back off the first, and ruining that shaft in the process. With a 7" brace height the MM is pretty forgiving for a fast, short bow. The riser is a reflexed design. Shooting this bow is a real pleasure. The paper from the factory states 303 fps at 60 lb (I have it set at 56 lb.), 29" draw, 300 gr arrow. Plenty of speed and resulting KE. The speed of this bow is more apparent than the deceptively fast Patriot. Meaning you feel this is a fast bow. The MM is not as recoil free as the Patriot, nor is it as quiet. I have no string silencers on mine. There is a small amount of string buzz, I think due to the Winners Choice string used by BowTech. It is still as quiet as many bows I've been around, and quieter than others. Vibration is not enough more to worry about. The stabilizer does a good job with that. The sand trap limb pockets go a long way toward cancelling out vibration and noise, especially when limb bolts are turned out. I didn't notice any difference with them bottomed out or turned out 1 1/2 turns as mine are. The Infinity cam allows a wide range of draw adjustment as well as let off. The valley is fairly short with a good, solid wall. As you adjust the draw stop, the valley widens or narrows, and let off increases or decreases. I shot alot of very nice bows before choosing the BowTechs. I liked the draw cycle, starting out fairly easy and building smoothly until breaking into the valley. I pull back somewhat slowly and avoid slamming into the wall. I removed the grip as I don't have big hands and like the feel of the narrow riser. I wrapped it with mole skin for comfort. The Advantage Timber finish is pretty well applied, with a few spots on it. Overall a nice finish. The quality of this bow is top notch in my opinion. Top quality components are used throughout. The Mighty Mite is a pure hunting bow for sure. So there you have it. A beginner's impressions and thoughts on a bow that's way better than he is. And that's the too long and short of it.

As a side note: I tried the Tech 29 and MM at the same time. I chose the MM because it recoiled and vibrated less. Also it just felt better overall to me. Both bows utilize the same riser. The Tech has shorter limbs resulting in less brace height.


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Default RE: BowTech Mighty Mite

good report Phil
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Default RE: BowTech Mighty Mite

Nice report. while I am not a fan of realy short bows, the mighty mite sounds like a good one.

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