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A review of the gear I have

Bowhunting Gear Review Broadheads, arrows, rests, bows, and more... read the latest reviews of hot new gear items related to archery and bowhunting.

A review of the gear I have

Old 10-22-2004, 03:45 PM
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Default A review of the gear I have

Here is a review of the bowhunting gear I have:

1. Summit Viper XLS

This is the only stand I have bought. It is stable, quiet, and comfortable. I am not scared of heights, but do not feel comfortable up high in a tree. This stand eliminates that fear. Some people think the side bar gets in the way. It does not get in the way one bit. I actually like the bar there. Assembling the treestand is easy. It takes me about one minute to attach it to the tree and get strapped in. I do not have anything bad to say about this stand.

2. Easton A/C/C Arrows

A friend, ACLakey, sent me some of these arrows. They are the best arrows I have ever shot. I will not hesitate to buy a dozen.

3. Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch

I just bought this jig. It is the best jig I have ever used. I would highly recommend it.

4. Scott Caliper Release

This is a nice release. It is very tough. I had a problem with the screw coming undone in the trigger. This caused the release to open suddenly. I screwed it but it kept coming out. It did this for about a month then stopped. I have no problem with it now.

5. Muzzy 3 blade 100 Grain Broadheads

These are some tough heads! I have shot three heads into my Block target about 200 times each. I have yet to lose a blade.

6. The Block Target

I love this target. I have shot about 2,000 shots into it without a problem.

7. Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter

I love this rest. It is very quiet and easy to use. I do not get any fletching contact.

I hope you guys can use this review.
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Old 10-22-2004, 04:08 PM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have


How many Deer have you taken with this setup? What do you think you have spent on all this? Do you use any scents or calls? Tell me a little about MS bowhunting. What part of the state do you hunt in?

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Old 10-22-2004, 04:24 PM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

I have not taken any deer with my setup. You have a Private Message.
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Old 10-23-2004, 10:20 AM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

I think your idea to post a review of your setup is good. I think more people should do that. It would give us good info on a number of different products. Could expand it to calls, clothing, etc.

Just a thought
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Old 10-23-2004, 10:42 AM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

I have not seen a deer yet so I cannot post about my camo. I also do not use my calls this early in the season. I also wish more people would post reviews of their setup.
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Old 10-23-2004, 01:18 PM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

I will post my gear and review it also.

Bow-Reflex Buckskin
I think this bow is a great bow. It is light, fast, and fairly quiet. Havent had a deer jump the string yet thanks to the limb savers and cat whiskers.

Arrows-Gold Tip XT 55/75
These are great arrows. I get them from the pro shop for 50.00 a dozen.(Usually they run about 70.00) They are strong arrows. I have shot them through my target several times. They have taken some abuse. They are still in perfect working order.

Broadheads-Thunderhead 100s
GREAT BROADHEADS. My friend shot two does last weekend that went about 70 yards each. The exit holes were about two inches. They shoot right where I aim.

Treestands-Gorilla Kong, Hunters View Climber
I like the Gorilla Kong the most. I bought some climbin sticks for it. I can set up this stand in almost any tree in about ten or fifteen minutes, and that includes trimming shooting lanes. It is very light and easy to pack, plus it is rock solid once you get it into the tree. I also have a Hunters View Climber. It sets up pretty quiet. It is more comfortable to sit in than the gorilla, but trees dont seem to grow real straight around here. Haven't had any problems with it yet, and it costed me about $110.

Camo-Remington Parka and Bibs, Hardwoods HD Green
This is my main camo, I got it from Wally world for about $200 for everything. This stuff is waterproof and has a zip-out liner. This is the warmest camo I have ever bought. It hasn't let me down yet. I haven't been spotted by a deer yet, I think this camo is definitely worth a try.

Calls and Scents
I have used MANY calls and scents, and have settled on a couple out of all my tests. Tink's Smokin Rut Sticks are the only scent I have had a reaction on every time I have been out and used them. They carry the scent at least 200 yards. I have a hardwood grunter that I have had success with.(by Primos I think) I recently purchase a bottle of red hot doe scent from the company that makes the scent machine. I am gonna try this stuff too. It is aerosol and lets out about a one second spray each time. It is a good concept. I am also going to try a snort-wheeze call that I bought, just to see if it works.

Game Camera-Stealth Cam
I am pretty satisfied with my stealth cam. I had a cheap green model, it broke, I sent it in and they sent me the $120 black model.($50 upgrade ). It performs very well. I am looking at a Leaf River Digital camera though, I heard they got a pretty good one out.

Happy Hunting!
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Old 10-25-2004, 11:26 AM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

Her's mine:

PSE Dakota - New for me this year and I like it a lot. Smooth draw and good shooter. Great price.

Easton Camo Hunters (2315) - Been using Eastons since I started bow hunting (6-7 years); no complaints

Muzzy 3 blade, 125 gr. broadheads - Like them a lot, never will shoot anything else. Durable, simple, deadly.

Whisker Biscuit quick-shot delux (new model) - Another new thing this year (had TM hunter before). Liked the TM Hunter but like the WB 10x better. Love not having to worry about the arrow falling off and it is very simple. As for fletching wear - it does wear on my feathers (frays the edges) but doen't effect fight one bit. I have shot a few arrows well over 100 times and they are still flying good. I don't mind having to replace them every few years in need be.

PSE F-22 sight - First year. Not super thrilled with the sight. It works fine and has micro-adjustability which is nice. My biggest gripe is that to get it set up right it is nearly tapped out in both the up/down and side/side adjustments - limits ability for much micro-adjustability). Overall the sight is fine and works ok. If any problems, I'll be going with a Copper John.

TRU-Ball rackmaster/loopmater "pro" - It actually broke this summer when I was practicing (not good). But the cusomer service was very good and they put on the "pro" part (micro-adjust on the string). It did cost me $15, but worth it I think. The realease itself work very good and I like the string connection - I can get it out of the way if need be.

SVL stuff - Like their products.

Clothing - I have all kinds of camo (none of the name brand stuff really - I keep it cheap and simple and seems to work fine). One piece of clothing that I started using a year or so ago is a neck gaiter. These fleece things are awesome. It can serve as a facemask, hat, neck warmer, etc. And they do keep you warm.

Targets - HOLE stinks: pass thrus after less than 200 shots. Yellow Jacket has worked well: limited use, but easy removal and seems fairly rugged

Calls/Scents - I have several. No real success stories with any. I like the can type calls. I have a gunt tube that really sounds good (small manufacturer in NY - "posi-call"). Just got K&H Translator which seems pretty good.
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Old 10-25-2004, 11:55 AM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

I'm so excited to actually see reviews in the review section! I just have to post my gear too!

Currently shooting a Browning Ambush XB at 70 lbs. While I got this used a year ago, it's been a great value. Not necessarly the best bow around, but quiet and fast enough for up to 25yard shots with little drop. Overall, I like getting a less expensive bow and the nice accessories and upgrading the bow later. Overall, very so far, so good.

I just upgraded to a Scott Little Goose this year. I love it. I just posted a full review of it (which received very little comment -- actually, none) here. --> My Release Review

DropZone. Had the rope break on this, but the pro shop was able to fix it quickly with no real problems. So far, so good. I switched from a whisker bisquit and really liked it, but the DZ fixed several clearance problems I was having. We'll see over time how it holds up.

Trophy Ridge Micro Matrix. So far, I like this sight. The 0.19 pins are nice and small and do not cover the target as much as my old ones. Seems to gather light well. I like not needing wrenches to adjust since it uses thumb screws. Also like that the thumb screws have allen wrench holes in the middle to really tighten the bugger down when you have it where you want it. So far, it's holding up, but for the price, I was expecting a little less plastic if you know what I mean. The pins are metal, so that's good I suppose.

I'm using Whitetail Hunter arrows from Gander Mtn. They are really re-badged carbon express hunter arrows for less money. They have the "BuffTuff" finish on them which I like. They seem to hold up to target / 3d shooting really well. My grouping are good, but not as good as my old aluminum XX75s. Not bad for a cheap arrow.
I'm currently shooting 125gr Muzzy 3 blade heads. Durable, simple. What more could you want?

I have one of the old Quiet Tune stabilizers. It performs far better than I imagined and I can really tell a difference when I remove it. Reduces vibration a lot and also provides about the perfect counter weight at 8oz. Plus, it's very compact and not in the way when hunting from a tree. I highly recommend these, but havn't seen them around for a while.

Currently using a round hay bale. Works great, very cheap as the neighbors are farmers. When I shoot one up good, I just have them change it out for another. A real good idea if anyone has access...

Scents / Calls
I got some of the Fresh Earth wafers this year to put in with my clothes when I'm not wearing them. Seems to really work well. No attractant scents have really done anything noticeable for me, nor have my grunt or "The Keg". THey don't seem to spook the deer, but they don't seem to interest them either. The verdict is still out on these.

I just got some of the waterproof gander mountian camo this year. I think it's Guide Series brand or something. I only got the parka, but man, I highly recommend it. For the price, you can't beat it. Plus, it's got a soft texture that is quite quiet -- and the waterproof is really nice. Another great bargain.

Other than that, I don't have any noteworthy equipment. This thread is great! Keep the reviews coming!
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Old 10-25-2004, 08:46 PM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

BOW-Jennings machined extreme. Just got this bow late this fall and like it alot. Quiet and faster than my old jennings uni star +.

REST-WB Drop-tine with quick shot kit.Love this rest, no more fretting about arrows falling off if bumped. Shoots with good arrow flight.

SIGHT-Sight Master. I used a pedelum from savage on my old bow but plan on going to CO in 2006 and needed a sight for ground shooting,and this was on the bow when I got it from my uncle. I like the single pin and the quiet movement.
I also use a no-peep and will not go back to a peep anytime soon. It takes a little to get set up but well worth it. My buddy shoots with both eyes open and cannot see the no-peep clearly(seeing two different outer rings).

RELEASE-Pro Injector. Its older but simple and reliable.

ARROWS-Easton Carbonaeros Excel. They seem to work great for a good price.

BROADHEADS-NAP Crossfire. They shoot real good at the target but no shots at game yet.

CASE-Plano. Nice,tuff,and good price.

TREE STANDS-North Star climber. Light,easy to use/set up,comfy,but a little loud.
Hunters View buddy ladder stand. I got a extra 4' ladder so it is 16' high and works great for me and my 5 year old son.

CAMO-For early season I use Mad Dog growler pants and jacket.Quiet and water proof.
Mid season I use an old pair of walls coveralls.
Late season I use Arctic Shield H1 bibs and jacket. They are a little loud but very warm with little bulk.

BOOTS-Irish Setter uninsulated,800 gram,1000 gram.Love them all. Very comfy right from new(no break in needed),water proof,warm,and hold up well.
Had one pair of Rocky boots,never again. Not comfy at all and did not hold up.

PACK-Rocky. Large 3 pocket fanny/day pack with h2o pocket. Real nice back pad with wide straps for good suport.

BINOS-Bushnell Perma Focus 8x25. Good clear image without having to focus.

ATV-Honda Rubicon. This thing is great. Goes anywhere with no reliability isues.

TRUCK-Toyota(1994).This thing is great. Goes anywhere with no reliability isues.
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Old 10-26-2004, 05:49 PM
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Default RE: A review of the gear I have

Boots: LL Bean & LaCrosse - both good boots; also bought a pair of Cabelas "Trail Lite Hikers" - they are excellent boots, I haven't worn them hunting but they were comfortable right out of box

Red Head 7 pocket fanny pack: can get a lot of stuff in this fanny pack, like it

Yamaha Kodiak 400 ('97): Good machine, probably never go away from Yamaha, may upgrade to a Grizzly in a few years??

2004 Ford F-150 4x4 ext. cab: rides like a Caddy, great truck so far
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