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Newbie Questions

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Default Newbie Questions

I am looking to get a black powder rife. I have used a friends CVA but that is all.

Is there a source I can go to read up more on the sport that any of you would recommend?

Also, is there a place that compares the various brands and styles? I used a CVA in-line that a borrowed from a friend but I had heard about Knights, Traditions, Thomson Center, etc. Is there someplace I can go to compare the guns. I like a good quality, accurate, hunting tool whether it be a bow or rife. I don't care much about brand names, or the latest gadgets. I use a middle of the line PSE Edge for bow hunting and Remington 700 for rifle hunting. I don't want the cheapest, but I do not want to have to upgrade in a few years because I bought junk.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Default RE: Newbie Questions

Welcome to the world of muzzleloading. Follow the ml boards for awhile and you will see all brands cussed by some and praised by others. It is just like the Ford/Chevy debate. Just pick a gun you kinda like and then ask for opinions on it. You will get opinions good and bad. B.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Newbie Questions

I think all the manufactors do upgrades every
I guess thats how they stay in business.I just bought a new Knight 45 disc,shortly before hunting season 2001,and I find out for
2002 they have changed the disc's and the twists in the barrel,You can get a conversion kit for $137 but that makes you have so much in the gun.I wrote and asked about the twist,but haven't gotten and answer.But they must have been having problems with the 1/20 twists to change it to 1/30 the next year.The only difference is I see is that you can shoot a little smaller lighter bullet in the 1/30.
I really can't complain about the 1/20 twists ,I shot one hole groups with it and took a deer at 155 yds.
So I think they are all good hunting if you get the right combination of powder,bullet.
Good luck in choosing.
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Default RE: Newbie Questions

Thanks for the tips.

I was looking at the Knight Disc. Seems like a lot of the hunters in the camp I was at had recently bought one. When I compared it to the CVA I had it felt like a more solid rifle. But as far as shooting it seemed like both with the right load and practice would perform fine for Deer Hunting. There is a big difference in price. Just wanting to see if you all thought it was worth it. Like I said before I do not like to upgrade. I like to get to know the gun or bow and get confident with it.

The Knight package for $300 that was mentioned has I think the American Knight in-line. There are a lot of "close-out" deals on other in-lind guns, T/C, CVA, etc. Is the Disc or 209 primer system a really large advantage? If so has one manufacturer proven to make a more reliable gun?

I appreciate everyones input. This is the last weekend in South Louisiana for Black Powder. I will be using the borrowed in-line CVA from some lock-ons that I use for bow hunting. Up close I feel confident it will do the job.

Thanks again for the advise.

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Default RE: Newbie Questions


The Knight USAK package usually goes for about $180 these days. That's what I started with, and I haven't regretted it for 1 moment. It's Knight's entry level gun, but if I can put bullets thru the same hole at 100yds with it - what more do I need. It is much like last year's version of the .45cal rifle in that it likes long, heavy bullets for the best accuracy - which I have no problem with. But .45 shooters want those high velocity numbers that only light bullets can give, so Knight and most of the other manufacturers are changing their .45s to slower twist barrels for 2002.

I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Knight models. Cabelas is currently offering the Bighorn model for $199.00. I believe this is a closeout, so not many will be available, but it is a steal at that price! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: Newbie Questions

irish, I think you are in the right mind-set. I dont believe you have to spend a ton of money to get an accurate and dependable gun. A friend of mine recently bought the CVA Musket Mag from Cabelas, I think the entry level price is about $149.00, mabe a sale right now for $139.00? He likes it a lot, and it does shoot well. Are you looking stictly for an in-line, or are you also looking at a cap-lock? Either way, I think there is a happy medium in price/quality. I've seen some $99.00 guns that I wouldnt use for a walking stick, but have also seen any number of them from $150.00-$300.00 that were all a guy really needs. If you narrow down your choices to a few rifles, ask specifically about them on the board. You will get, as mentioned, the classic &quot;Ford-Chevy debate&quot;, but you can sort through it, and get some good info and advice. Good luck!!
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Default RE: Newbie Questions

Knight ,Ruger, Thompson/Center & Savage are all good muzzleloaders. Remington 700ML's I have heard mixed feeling about them. CVA & Traditions are okay.Today's modern ML's have to be good or they won't be around long in today's market.Winchester is releasing a new in line also.You have the cheaper models up to the expensive ones. Look them over and see which one fits you the best. You will have to decide if you want a In Line or a traditional ML. Check your states regulations to be sure it's legal to hunt with. I believe PA. you can only hunt with a Flintlock.Talk to people who have different rifles and see if you can shoot with them.I have a Knight Disc and really like it.I bought a New Ruger but haven't shot it yet.I have friends who have the Ruger's and they are all very happy with their performance. Hope you find what you are looking for. Ruger Redhawk

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Default RE: Newbie Questions

If you are interested in a comparison, The American Rifleman several months back had an article on test results obtained with four different .45 cal. inlines, including ballistics & accuracy results. Good info!!
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