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Precision Bullets

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Default Precision Bullets

I was in a local sporting goods store today and they are selling Precision Bullets in various grains (QT) for buy one and get one free. The packs have 12 bullets in it and includes a bullet starter that protects the plastic tip. Some of the packs are conicals and a bunch of them are sabots. All the bullets regardless of weight or design are lead and some are ballistic tips while others are hollowpoints. Has anybody on this forum had any success with them. They claim to be the most accurate bullet but don't they all?


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Default RE: Precision Bullets

They are good bullets. I shot the Lightening 300 grains many years ago. Their accuracy out of my inline was amazing. The reason I stopped is I got as good or better with Shockwaves and they were much more cost effective..
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Old 12-20-2008, 01:41 PM
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Default RE: Precision Bullets

I've shot Precision Rifle's "Dead Center" bullets - they are similar to the "QT's" you are looking at, but not identical. My impression is that they are very well-made bullets and extremely accurate, at least out of my ML. Personally, after shooting them at a couple range sessions I came away with a very high opinion of them. I never had a chance to test them out on game, though. I don't shoot them now because they are too expensive - there are other good bullets out there for less money. However, if I could find a really good deal on some, I probably would pick them up.
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Default RE: Precision Bullets

As expensive as they are they have limitation which I don't like;
#1 they are a pure lead bullet which deform easily once deformed they are worthless as far as accuracy is concerned
# they are outrageously expensive especially considering that anyone with a bit of know how can swedge their own pure lead bullets and can make or have made a die for what ever they want. There are even some available for making pistol bullets that are commercially made .
#3 If you are going to go with pure lead bullets your velocity is limited because you can only push them to about 90 gr of BH and [at least in my experience] they start opening up the groups.
So my opinion is that they are way to pricey for what you are getting and very limited on top of it. They started putting jackets on bullets that are shot over 1500 fps for very good reasons. Lee
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Old 12-21-2008, 04:03 AM
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Default RE: Precision Bullets

I shot a lot of the dead centers & QT bullets last year very accurate shot tight groups. Shot asmall dear 110 yards went right down. This year I switched to Speer Gold dots allot cheaper to shoot and I get just as good as results from them.
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Default RE: Precision Bullets

Shot them from a 45 cal Omega I had a few years back - choices for 45 are limited and they worked the best.
With the options for 50 cal, they're not even on my radar.

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Default RE: Precision Bullets

i have also used them ...but the SST and the SHOCKWAVE were more accurate in my rifle .and cheaper .now i switched again to anouther bullet BARNES SPIT-FIRE TMZ ... sometimes i wonder where it will end ..
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Default RE: Precision Bullets

I've used them in my Omega and got very good accuracy from them. My concern is a pure lead bullet pushed at 1800-1900 fps may just blow up on contact. I've switched to Nosler Partitions, every bit as expensive but are going to stick together no matter how hard you push them.The NP's are more accurate to boot!
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Default RE: Precision Bullets


I've used them in my Omega and got very good accuracy from them. My concern is a pure lead bullet pushed at 1800-1900 fps may just blow up on contact. I've switched to Nosler Partitions, every bit as expensive but are going to stick together no matter how hard you push them.The NP's are more accurate to boot!
I shot QTs for 2 years, took about 7-8 deer with the 250gr version. Worked fine, very accurate at about 1800fps. Switched to the .357 195gr Dead Center for another 2 years, took 8-9 deer. Again, very accurate and worked well at 100gr powder (2000 fps?).

Right now, no weight Dead Center is accurate in my Omega at a reasonable powder charge (90gr on up). HuntAway is correct, they are only good to about 1800 fps in most guns before accuracy deteriorates. However, within their accurate range they performed well on game for me.
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Default RE: Precision Bullets

I just sighted my new Omega in with 260 gr PR Extremes and they group great as usual. PR bullets are about the only bullet I have shot and that is the bullet I ordered when I bought this muzzleloader.
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