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renegade loads

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Default renegade loads

ya'll got to talking about them renegades the other day made me dig one out out of the lock box. its been packed in grease for over 20 years so i figured its time to blow some smoke with it. what are some of the best hunting loads ya'll have found that work best. 50 cal 1/48 percussion.
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Default RE: renegade loads

You're going to have to see what shoots best out of your rifle. I'd start with 70 gr of FFFg with both a patched round ball (PRB) and conical like the Maxihunter or Maxiball and work up. My 54 cal Renegade shoots a PRB with 80 gr of FFg excellent. My 50 cal Hawken shoots the 275 gr Maxihunter over 100 gr of FFFg very good. Both of these barrels have a 1:48 twist.
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Default RE: renegade loads


Life with a Renegade - jist doesn't git much better.... I really like the looks and the feel of those ML's... I have four of em now and I still look to add to the collection....

That 1/48 shorter barreled ML will shoot a lot of projectiles very well - perhaps better than a lot of people think.

What are you thinking you might want to shoot from it for a hunting load? PRB - Conical - and yes it will drive sabots also.I am assuming whitetail or are after other?

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Default RE: renegade loads

Some folksplace awool wad under their heavy loads for betterconsistency and accuracy, evenwhen shooting patched round balls.
Since everyrifle and projectile is different, only experimentation will tell ifusinga wad is beneficial.
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Default RE: renegade loads

i was thinking about trying a .451 300gr speer and black sabot first with 90grs of rs. then some t7. i got a bunch of .451 230 gr xtp's to try also along with the prb. the last thing that was used was 85 grs of rs and some maxi hunters. the deer don't get much over #175/210 around here but the hogs get big well over #350 but most of the run about #50 to 175.
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Default RE: renegade loads


I have shot a ton of sabots from my 50 Renegades and they shoot great. The "book" will tell you that you need to shoot shorter projectiles from a 1/48 twist but I never could get them to be as accurate as the longer 300 grain bullets. Then to even emphasize the point more I started shooting 460 grain Bullshops from my Renegades - awesome accuracy. I can shoot placed clay pigeons @ 125 yard with the Bullshops or the sabots and connect very easily. If I had better eyes to go along with the fiber optics I could easily extend that.

You mention .451 as a size - Speer does make a .451/300 grain Unicore it is not quite as good as a .452 Gold Dot but really shoots well for me. I amshooting 90 grains of T7-3f and a MMP HPH-24 sabot or a regular Harvester will work also.

I orginally, along time ago, tried .430/300 grain bullets (trying to get a better BC)in a Green sabot but could not really get them to be consistent through all of the shots... I would get a flyer every so often, but the Green sabots I was using back then were the old plastic type - the new Polymere sabots might perform better.

Shoot it you'll like it...
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Default RE: renegade loads

sabotloader,Did you ever try the 50/40 with 200gr XTP? Lee
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Default RE: renegade loads


No I have not been able to find a place to shoot... went out yesterday and again today - this time I went south - but got to the rock pit and the road had a 6' snow burm across it plus the snow on the road to the pit still had to be 3-4' feet deep - looks like I am out of luck maybe until the middle of next month... It is driving me nuts.... Got a new Z5 I want to try plus I wanted to shoot one of the Renegades...

You know that thread that is going around about if you won the lotto - right now the first thing I would do would to be to build a 100 yard indoor range - just for me - I could easily keep it busy all year...

Frustrated in Idaho
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Default RE: renegade loads

My renegade loved either 80 or 90 grains pyrodex rs with a 295 grain powerbelt. That rifle would print all day long with that load.
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Default RE: renegade loads

Ditto on the 295 pb. I used 80gr t7ff or 90grffg clenshot, now AP Killed a couple of big does w/that load. one about 75ydsthe bullet split the heart into a big V, found it under the hide on the off side. It shed 30grs of lead. the other one ran about 100 yds burned through both lungs, pass through!!
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