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elk accidents?

Old 12-01-2006, 12:16 PM
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Default elk accidents?

I'm wondering if there are a lot of elk and moose that get hit by cars? There is always deer on the side of the road here in Wisconsin and I was just imagining how much damage hitting an elk, moose or even a buffalo would do.
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Default RE: elk accidents?


I'm wondering if there are a lot of elk and moose that get hit by cars?
Depending on the area yes. I hit an elk this June with my truck and my Dad hit a moose last week with his truck. Lucky the moose swung into the front fender rather than head on. I have not seen his truck yet but he said it is only the fender that is damaged. Bad thing with moose is that they are not as easy to spot as deer or elk in the lights and also they refuse to move off of the road. I had minimal damage to my truck because it was a young cow elk and I climbed right over it like a log. 2 weeks ago some young kids in my area were not so lucky. They swerved to avoid missing a moose into an oncoming dually pulling a cattle trailer. Ended up the boys hit the moose as well as the trailer and were killed. I can think of at least 4 other people in my area who have been killed in my lifetime from moose.
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Default RE: elk accidents?

It is common to see deer around here that have been hit, but I have only seen one elk killedby a vehicle the last 6 years.
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Default RE: elk accidents?

The biggest animal i've seen was a black bear that was running down the road about 5 or6 years ago.
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Default RE: elk accidents?

Its a big problem across the north America's, thats why hunting plays such an important role in game management. without it think how many animals and people would die. hear is a posterI came up with a while back.

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Default RE: elk accidents?

About two weeks ago I seen a dead cow elk along Hwy 13 north of Craig, Co. Didn't see what the vehicle looked like.
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Default RE: elk accidents?

A few years ago I was towing my boat back from the ocean, and a big old 64-inch bull moose runs out in front of my F250. I hit him on the right side of the front end.

No one died (except the moose) and it did about $12,000 worth of damage to the truck.

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Default RE: elk accidents?

It's not completey uncommon for people to hit elk on the highway in the mountains here, but it doesn't happen often. I only see a few dead road-kill elk a year. I don't think I've ever seen a road-killed moose here. Alaska's a little different story. On the Sterling Highway in Alaska, 214 moose-vehicle collisions were reported between mile 58 and mile 79 from 1980-2001. The most dangerous part of hitting a moose or elk is that they are so tall. If you are driving a little SUV or a car, they can fall onto the car and crush the people in the front. Same thing with horses.
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Default RE: elk accidents?

Well my neighbor was traveling at night and didnt even see the elk coming but he naild it and totaled the truck!!!!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: elk accidents?

Alaska Mag ooch! Love my super duty
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