Advantages and Disadvantages of Shotguns


The shotgun has helped to alleviate safety concerns in areas tightly packed with humans and deer. And certainly, it has solved many headaches for wildlife managers in urban areas. Still, hunters should be aware that slug guns have advantages and disadvantages. 

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The beauty of the shotgun is its simplicity and ease of use. Just slip in a few slugs or buckshot loads and you’re good to go. Also, modern slug guns with rifled barrels have surprisingly good accuracy. Long gone are the days when shooting at a deer with a “scattergun” was more guesswork than precision. Any buck within 100 yards is fair game for a hunter carrying a modern slug gun topped with scope. 

Even with modern improvements, a shotgun delivers a heavy slug that is relatively slow moving. Bullet drop is sometimes excessive enough to cause you to miss a deer at 100 yards.


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