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Not for weak stomach!

Old 02-12-2005, 10:30 AM
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

ORIGINAL: m.t.hands

whats with the duct tape, i tell you these deer are getting smarter and smarter
Hahaha...hilarious, literally made me laugh out loud.
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

50 cal with some type of ballistic tip from about a mile maybe...

Or a 20mm tank cannon...

Mortar anyone?
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

amazing that folks think a 50 would do that. Just because its so big. Same with mags. I saw more damage from my 243 and stupidly using 80 grain bullets on deer than any magnum round I've ever fired.

I will say one thing though. that type of wound could be possible. I've seen a few that are close to that. About 2/3 like others say. Plus you can see that flap of skin on the bottom sorta. If that would be flopped closed the wound would look much smaller.

Depends on how the bullet interacts with the shoulder socket. If you penetrate with a somewhaf fragile high speed bullet from the back and miss the opposite shoulder, only to hit that shoulder socket and blow up, it will blow out a pretty good hole. I've seen that mostly from 270s and 130 Ballistic tip type bullets.
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

That Wound Channel is Bigger than my .50 Barret would inflict, at Moderate range. Sorry but I find this Hard to believe,given the available Bullet Weights available for the 7MM, even considering that the round Impacted Heavy Bone. Where is the Skin Flap? If your 7MM Vaporizes Skin and Hair, I just may have to Buy that Gun off of you, as it's a Hens Tooth.
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

I saw this happen once before! Thats where the alien broke out then scurried away! Scary stuff man!!!!!!!!!
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

I've shot a lot of deer with my 7MM mag. That ain't no bullet hole!
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

I will tell you my 10 gauge slug gun almost will do that with certain circumstances
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

I don't believe the deer is standing in the first picture. I think it is laid out on the ground, and the guy with the camera is standing over it. Also, I think the tape is his tag.

If the deer was hit at very close range, quartering away, behind the left shoulder, and the bullet's path wasn't deep enough, then I would think a ballistic tip could do that.

I'm not convinced it is a bullet wound. But then again, I'm not convinced it isn't. I'd like to hear more details from the hunter before I make a conclusion.
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

mayb they thought it was a goose? or gobbler

just kidding i have no idea
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Default RE: Not for weak stomach!

Also, I think the tape is his tag.
ok whats the ty wrap for?, i still say it looks like duct tape

as far as the wound, i have never had a bullet do that kind of damage, not saying it can't happen but i've never seen that much damage even hitting a sappling first, strange things happen all the time though, and not much really surprises me anymore.
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Quick Reply: Not for weak stomach!

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