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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

I have had this happen too, i figure its all in the bullet construction , they don't expand , in out smae size, but they are accurate. I tried many different types and loads until i got some good accuracy. now i just need expansion
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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

I have noticed the same thing as well. I shoot a inline 50 cal. with 100gr 777. I have used only 3 kind of sabots. 220 gr. Dead Centers - one doe at 191 yards neck shot dropped dead no blood. Remington 265 gr. hollow piont. 2 bucks at both 75 yards, or less. Pile up with in 20 to 30 yards and lots of blood and big time damage. With these all I had to do do was listen and hear them wipe out in the bush. Give them 3 jumps (or 20 yards and you will find blood.) I have also used the 245 Hornby hollows for the range they are not bad, for fun. I think the best, which I will be look for soon is something like, a 230 gr hollow point to cover anything from 50-200 yards, with a good mushroom on inpact. If anyone knows of a good one let me know, I love to play with ML . Oh, by the way. Traditions E-bolt 209 is the best out of box gun I ever got.
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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

I just started muzzleloading this year,but I do it because it is the most accurate weapon for my hunting area.I used it all regular season but never saw a deer.I use 150 grains of pyrodex and wonder why most guys only use 100 grains?According to ballistics at powerbelt,100 grains just doesn't seem to have hitting power at 200 yards.It hurts to shoot after a while but it seems very accurate at 100 yards.Next year I plan on doing alot of shooting with it to try different loads and bullets.I have an Omega and at 100 yards I can hit the 2 inch bull with 150 grains and a 245 grain powerbelt aerotip.
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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

Here's a before and after pic of a 260 grain Speer JHP that I use in my Knight Woverine. I was using 90 grains of FFF Triple Seven. The buck was quartered away at 70 yards and ran about 60 yards after the shot. I recovered the slug from it's opposite shoulder. The only blood I saw was where it fell.

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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

The only beef i can think with them is that they are so very close to balistic tips and I will never let one of those tough my magazine again. Talk about no blood trails. I bought them on accident for both myself and my son and we are 4 for 4 with no blood at all. We did find all 4 deer but it was because of good shot placement and the deer didn't go far.
I would say your in the minority here as I have heard very few complain about the blood left by a NBT. I use the NBT for my deer and antelope needs in a CF's and can't say I have experienced a lack of blood or any problems what so ever. To me they are an excellent bullet choice for my situation and I like the bigger holes they will produce for a thin skinned animal such as a deer. Personal Experiences are valuable and use them myself so I trust your opinion, just have never seen it personally.
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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

thanks for the pics , i will try them
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The reason most guys use 100 grain is because of accuracy. At 150 grains my gun kicks a lot more and there is more "inconsistancy" with grouping.

If you have consistant accurate groups with 150 and don't mind the recoil then stick with it.

You also need to know that triple seven is what most of us use and It burns approx. 20% hotter than Pyrodex. 100 grains of tripe 7 is like a 120 grain load of pyrodex.

Check out this web site and look at the velocity comparison chart:


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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

I use 250gr. Knight Red Hot/Barnes sabot, and all the deer I shot left just as much blood as my shotguns sabot slugs, and centerfire rifles and all the deer ran no more then 15/20yds.
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Default RE: Muzzleloaders

Last night (Saturday) I shot a big doe at 10 yards with my White Mountain Carbine, 50 caliber, 320 grain maxi balls, and 80 grains of powder. the bullet hit her in the left shoulder (she was quartered to me) and it exited around the last rib on the opposite side. She ran about 50 yrds and the only thing where I shot her was some hair, no blood til the last 10 yrds or so on the run. This I think is common with MZ shot deer, I don't know why but they don't seem to leave much blood. However if you hit them in the shoulder they usually go down, and even if you don't break the shoulder but hit the lungs they don't go far and you should always be able to find them.
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