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Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

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Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

Old 12-06-2004, 01:02 AM
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Default Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

I figured this was as good a spot to post this as any, if not then a MOD will surely move it.

I am kind of curious as to how game wardens, biologists, etc., are involved with people in other states. Do they just come along, ask for the license and go on their way? Do they stick around, chat for a few, give a few pointers as to where the fishing or hunting has been good, places to try, things to try, etc? How many people speak with the biologist covering the area they are interested in? How many volunteer for activities throughout the year?

I for one, volunteer a lot. I helped one biologist with the bibliographical section of a report he put out regarding the population of mule deer in Nevada. That was this year, and probably yeilded about 40 hours of my volunteer time. I volunteered one day this summer during a wildlife week, the DOW was hosting after school got out. It was birds and bats day, which involved a visit from a Great Horned Owl, and helping youngsters build bird and bat houses. I have also helped build 2 water "guzzlers" in the last two years (started volunteering last year), and will be helping with a desert bighorn sheep transplant in about 10 days, providing the weather cooperates, and the capture goes on.

I am making practically weekly calls to the NDOW to ask about fishing conditions of certain spots, find out where the rabbit hunting has been good, offer my efforts for any other projects, and when I am in Elko, I stop in and BS for a while.

When I am in the field, I always have good experiences with the game wardens. Not only have they checked my license as they should, but I have had one give me a ride back to my car while fishing, one pointed out where some deer were hanging out, one told me of the general habits of the deer in that peticular area, who was also the one who I chatted with for close to an hour along with my dad, and another group of people who he just warned for not having enough PFD's in their boat, forcing them to reduce the number of people in the boat.

To me it seems that most people around here have a pretty good attitude toward the DOW and in return the DOW has a good attitude towards the public.

I would just like to know how everyone else's experience has been with their respective Fish and Game agency.
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Old 12-06-2004, 07:14 AM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

I have never seen a game warden around here...maybe I should become one and take care of this area I live in?
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Old 12-06-2004, 08:24 AM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

I totally see where you're coming from. I hunt with Jim Carnes, the Wildlife Off. for Highland County, Ohio- he also goes to my church. He helps me out with places to hunt, tells me where the hot spots are, and he informed of a new wildlife area in fallsville (last year) before others new about it. I was the first to hunt and fish *since it was named a wildlife area* at the area! He helped me get to know a lot about deer hunting and even get my first shot at a deer (I missed, but oh well). He helped me get a deer processed for free and he is mounting for free as a gift! I absolutely love the guy! I get together sometimes with him and other officers and we'll play around on guitars, share hunting stories or just sit back, relax and enjoy life.

As for seeing an individual like one in the woods, not yet, and if I did I'd probably have a chat with him or her.

Of course some people don't agree with them walking around the woods and finding you at you hunting spot, but hey, if sombody's got to do it, I'd rather it be a game warden rather a trespasser!
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Old 12-09-2004, 02:06 PM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

I was stopped by a game warden on opening day of modern gun here in Kentucky. The gentlemen who stopped me was an obvious professional and was very polite and sat around and talked for about 30 minutes with me and my buddies after we brought our deers out of the woods. He went through the process of checking licenses, orange, and offered to help drag a deer for us. He left and my three hunting partners held the man in high regards. On the other hand, I was stopped on two seperate occasions in Indiana, prior to moving, and these two different persons had inflated egos and the only word that comes to mind was jackass. In all cases, I have been legal, friendly, and try to make things as easy as possible on the game warden. I'm happy I live in Kentucky.
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Old 12-09-2004, 02:21 PM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

It definately depends on the state. I'v lived in IN for around 13 years and have never been checked by a DNR officer. However we hunted in Illinois this year and were checked twice. On top of that there were 3 DNR at just one small check station and one of the guys in our part was ticketed for checking in his wife's deer. I know that it used to be nothing for 2 or so guys to check in all the deer for their entire party. I know this because my dad was always the one to volunteer to check in peoples deer for them. I know it has a purpose but that is not the way to catch poachers. Atleast the guy in our party was checking in his deer which is more than I can say for some hunters.
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Old 12-09-2004, 03:27 PM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

sorry, but i have to disagree with you on this issue.
i have had a game warden pull his revolver on me (along w/ a state cop). i had to lay my rifle down and put my hands up. i was on private land and had permission to hunt. i was treated like i was carrying 5 kilos of cocaine or something. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY THEY WERE THERE TO BEGIN WITH.

this was a few years ago and i still get pissed(TO THIS DAY) thinking about it. that gw is a POS as far as im concerned.

the other thing about gw's is that you are PRESUMED GUILTY until proven INNOCENT.

ive since have talked to another hunter who had a similar run in with this particular gw. the gw tried to coerce a confession from this guy by opening the strap on his holster and 'tapping" the handle of his revolver while taking to him(more like telling him). in my mind i see barney fife trying to outsmart otis, the town drunk. this guy is a TOOL.
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Old 12-09-2004, 04:56 PM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

we had a conservation officer that acted like that. Someone lured him out to a dead end of a pipeline road and overpowered him somehow. Stripped him naked and taped him up sitting in his truck with a flashlight between his legs shining on his face. Too my knowledge, no one was ever arrested.
But don't mistake me. Conservation officers have a dangerous job and 99.9% are good guys. When approached give him the courtesy and let him disarm you so he can accuratly assess the situation. Even offer to place your firearm against a nearby the while he talks to you. This will lower his anxiety and you will probably gain a new freind! (Conservation officers have a wealth of information about the area you are hunting)
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Old 12-09-2004, 05:18 PM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

the state guys that work my county are the kind of people that you want on the job,they will go out of their way to help.And if you call them at 2o in the morning they will come.The feds in the gov forest are kind of spooky they look at every person like they might be a outlaw unless they know you then they are ok,but you got to understand where they are coming from ,they are dealing with people most with guns and strangers to boot.I'm kinda shy when i come up on other hunters myself unless i know them. We were marking some timber a few years back when i came up on a lab and i got out of there quick on the way back to the truck guess who i meet on the trail ,a nut with a shotgun and a bucket full of something, it wasn't deer season or any other season but summer i said seen any deer and never quit walking and expected to get shot in the back at anytime.Needless to say i didn't go back in them woods untill the man cleaned them out.
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Old 12-09-2004, 07:07 PM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

one of my bestest buddies is the biologist for the 2 places i hunt....he works closely with the hunters, getting imput, he's very involved in the hunts and is always visible, we even have an end of the hunt bbq every year that he started a few years ago..... about 2 weeks ago, he started hunting doves....now he's talking more food plots and what he can do to improve things even more than what he is doing now....he helped us post 19 miles of boundry on the river....he's great to work with and to have as a friend...though he has no favorites when it comes to him tellin everyone where he's seen the critters, lol......actually had one of the game wardens help post too....i would like to see game and fish out more, actually enforcing the laws....we do what we can to protect it, but they have to enforce things...we need more officers for sure....i was very disapointed in the past......but hopefully they'll start being better about it.....
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Old 12-09-2004, 07:29 PM
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Default RE: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

I've been hunting for 28yrs and can remember only a hand full of times that I have been checked. I must admit that we hunt at the end of a dead-end road so that keep the DNR from looking us up, also hunt between two counties that might help also.
The best story I have to tell is being checked once by the local state park ranger out patroling with GW, I pulled out the year before license, why it was still in my coat??????? anyway we were on the local Pheasant Forever Board together and we had a laugh over it
Our hunting shack is frequently checked out by other hunters and landowners, this year we shot 19 deer minus (3 does and 4 button bucks) we had 86 points on the remaining deer.
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Quick Reply: Relations with Game Wardens, biologists, etc?

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