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wind direction, please help

Old 02-21-2002, 05:33 PM
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Default wind direction, please help

yes, i plan to hunt deer next season in n. georgia. i/ve been studying tips on hunting. one thing that puzzles is me is about wind direction. what is it about wind? I know about your scent carrying with the wind. But, are you suppose to hunt where the wind is blowing toward or what?
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Default RE: wind direction, please help

Welcome to the board Militarysoldier87.Of course the wind shifts directions which is unpredictable. You want to sit facing the wind. Letting it hit you in the face.If you use a climber and get high enough the wind direction isn't as important as being low.If you sit where the wind hits you from behind your scent is blown in the direction you are watching.On windy days the deer bed down more.They don't move near as much on windy days.If you keep the wind right and use a cover scent you shouldn't have any problems with your scent.Good luck on your N.GA. hunt next season. Ruger Redhawk

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Default RE: wind direction, please help

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Default RE: wind direction, please help

If at all possible you want bto hunt with the wind in your face. However you can be successful by hunting with a cross wind (wind blowing left to right or right to left). Also try to remain scent free as possible or cover your scent with a cover scent.

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Default RE: wind direction, please help

The thing to keep in mind is to try to be aware of the wind at all times. As Ruger said this can be difficult at times. The point is simple....you don't want the wind to be blowing in the direction that you expect to see game. If you expect to see deer directly in front or from the side, make sure that the wind is not blowing your scent in that direction. This usually means keeping the wind in your face as much as possible. The only exception I can think of is during a drive. If you are driving the deer, you would want the wind to be blowing in the direction that you are traveling. That way, the deer in front would pick up the scent of those who are doing the driving....One other thought, this is a very basic part of deer hunting and if you ignore the wind direction or underestimate the deer's ability to smell you, you might as well stay home. Good Luck!!
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Default RE: wind direction, please help

if the wind is blowing the way you expect the deer to come then it has a better chance to wind you...my advice is to spray up with some scent killer before you go out to hunt..the stuff really works.!!!
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Default RE: wind direction, please help

Welcome to the board. The wind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I always keep a piece of thread either on the muzzle of my rifle or hanging from my bow. The slower the wind is blowing the more likely they are to wind you, your scent is more concentrated, the faster it blows the quicker it dissapates. Getting off the ground helps, but even 30 feet off the ground you can get busted if the wind is blowing in a deers direction. I know you will see all kinds of claims about sprays and suits that eleminate your scent or cover it, but if the wind is blowing from you to the deer, YOUR busted!! Always make sure the wind is blowing from the deer to you, or at least a crosswind. Stay as scent free as possible, but remember the deer can smell you no matter what you are wearing if the wind blows from you to them.

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Default RE: wind direction, please help

Welcome to the board! Taz has explained the wind pretty good! Stay as scent free as posible, but don't count on just cover and masking scents, be aware of where the wind is comming from at all times! Good luck!
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Default RE: wind direction, please help

Welcome militarysoldier87.They got it covered pretty good on the wind.Just wanted to add one more thing.If at all possible,try to hang several stands,in different locations that would or should be PRIME for the different wind directions that you may encounter.This way if the wind does a 180 on ya,you have another option,and your hunt ain't blown for the day.Good luck and keep your scent to a minimum.
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